FICS ICSC Instructors

As the leaders in Sports Chiropractic we strive to provide equitable access to sports chiropractic care, education, mentoring and research to all athletes and sports chiropractors regionally, nationally and internationally. FICS international instructor pool, draws some of the best instructors in their field from over seven different countries.


About the FICS ICSC Instructor Pool

The Instructor Pool of doctors provides ICSC candidates with a global approach to their education. There will be a myriad of athletes from different regions expecting different types of care that is appropriate for their region. The global approach to ICSC education is really appropriate for that type of kind of specialty as a sports chiropractor.

Our pool of Instructors delivering the Asynchronous and Synchronous parts of the course will depend on the country where FICS is delivering the seminar. Instructors are chosen based on their ability and their location to attend seminars.

ICSC Instructor levels

The global Instructor base is a combination of three levels. The faculty for the seminars consists of internationally prominent Sports Chiropractors with extensive experience in treating athletes at international sporting events.

FICS aims to facilitate, on average, ten seminars per year in partnership with the FICS Member base National Councils of Sports Chiropractic (NCSC). We cover as many different locations around the world as possible, embracing a combination of a hybrid delivery for the hands-on seminars, with the theory section presented online before the face-to-face practicum.

FICS has a ranking system that identifies the instructors who have demonstrated the necessary skills in the ICSC content to ensure our members receive the highest quality and most up to date education. The instructors ranking is as follows:

  1. Level 1 – entry-level instructor in training
  2. Level 2- Assistant instructor
  3. Level 3- Master instructor
  1. Instructors in training are taken through a range of self-directed learning to introduce them to the ICSC content, course objectives and training methods. Once they have completed their online training, they will participate in a one-on-one session with the Education Commission Chair before being appointed to a seminar, working under a Master instructor. Once an instructor has attended and assisted at both an upper and lower extremity seminar and has received positive marks (4 or higher) on the self, peer and participant evaluation form, the instructor will be eligible to move to an assistant instructor.
  2. Assistant Instructors will be given a range of modules to deliver during a seminar. Once an assistant instructor has met all the requirements of that level and has received positive marks (4 or higher) on the self, peer and participant evaluation form, they will be considered for a Master Instructor.
  3. Master Instructor is a Sports Chiropractor who has extensive lecturer experience, working at international games, sound communication, and expertise across all the ICSC subject matter and can train other instructors at hands-on seminars. The Master Instructor must do everything in his power to promote the highest standard of the educational material, lead by experience with the values of FICS and will often act as a mentor.