Dr Timothy Stark

Dr. Timothy Stark


Originally from North Dakota, completed a bachelors degree in 1990 at North Dakota State University in Exercise Physiology and then went on to Northwestern College of Chiropractic where he completed his DC degree and subsequently pioneered an American residency in the specialty of Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation. He practiced in West Fargo, North Dakota for almost ten years before moving his family to Australia to assist with the development of a new chiropractic program at Murdoch University.

This new School of Chiropractic and Sports Science allowed opportunities to instruct Physical Rehabilitation, Clinical Orthopedics, Clinical Neurology, hysiotherapeutics and Applied Clinical Nutrition courses. He was also the Chair of the post-graduate and graduate programs including the Masters of Sports Science. While in Australia, he contributed to the development of a ‘sister’ chiropractic program in Japan. His publications are on the topics of physical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. His current research efforts are directed towards Human Performance and Rehabilitation and addressing specifically recovery, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

In the last ten years, he has transitioned from being a fulltime lecturer & Chair of the Clinical Sciences Department at National University of Health Sciences, to the Dean of the College of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University, to his final six years at NWHSU as the Director of the Human Performance Center. Currently he is flexing his business leadership and strategic change experience while mentoring start-up businesses; Stark i3 (ideate, innovate, integrate).

Additionally, Dr. Stark contributed to the growth of sports chiropractic, worldwide as a 20- year coordinator of the CCSP program for NWHSU and ten years as the FICS, Education Commission Chair. Lastly, he was recognized for his contributions and leadership by the American Chiropractic Association and awarded the 2017 Academician of the Year. Also in 2017, the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council Awarded him the Sports Chiropractor of the Year.