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Our mission is to bring you access to seminars, courses and great chiropractic resources for growing, improving, and increasing your service to your patients and athletes. The online courses listed in the ICSC section (International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic) represent the online learning for that course. You are required to hold a chiropractic degree in order to complete these modules. *See Further Eligibility Requirements

Non-Members: If you are not a member of FICS via your local NCSC or as an individual, check out membership here to purchase the modules at the members rate. **See more details

Sports Professional who do not hold a accredited Chiropractic Degree: Sport Professionals who do not hold an accredited Chiropractic degree, but wish to undertake FICS courses for professional development can apply for and complete the following courses. 

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Working at International Games

What’s your dream event to work at?
The Olympics?
The World Games?
Becoming FICS ICSC certified is your first step to making it happen … AND … we’ve got a discount for you 😍

We are extending the discount for members offering 25% off!!! Sign up for our online ICSC course before November 20 (2020) and it will cost you only $1,825 CHF.

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Let’s get ready to serve some athletes 😍⛹️‍♀️🏄🚴‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🏂

For Sport Professionals Who Do Not Hold an Accredited Chiropractic Degree

Sport Professionals who do not hold an accredited Chiropractic degree, but wish to undertake FICS courses for professional development can apply for and complete the following courses.

Chiropractic Products and Resources

Our mission is to bring you access to great chiropractic resources and a range of tools for growing, improving, and increasing your service to your patients and athletes. We are proud to partner with like-minded organizations to bring you exclusive discounts on best chiropractic tools and products.  These products are used by Chiropractors all around the world. They will make you more efficient, improve your service, and ultimately keep you sane!  We are slowly building this section, so if you have a product you would like to promote to the sports chiropractor professional please contact [email protected] 

*Eligibility Requirements for ICSC Courses

In order to apply for the ICSC and participate in the eLS and/or in any of the hands-on seminars you must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Be a qualified chiropractor from a CCEI recognized accredited college. For the list of acceptable accredited institutions.
  2. Undergraduate students in or entering their final year can complete the hands-on seminars and the eLS. The Professional Experience must be completed after graduation.

If you do not hold a chiropractic degree, FICS offer 5 online modules which are available to other professional which you can purchase as professional development. Refer to the Non-Chiro section within the courses. 

**Non-Member Info: Getting Started

One of the key activities of FICS is the provision of sports chiropractic services at international events. This enables the organization to achieve our vision of providing access to sports chiropractic for all athletes. To help with our vision FICS continually seeks to develop and attract new members, whether this is via our partner National Chiropractic Sporting Councils (NCSC) or through Individual Membership.

There are 2 ways to become a member of FICS, one is through individual membership at a cost of $125USD, the other is via joining a member NCSC.

FICS has a significant international membership base that includes our 26 current NCSC’s along with several educational institutions and affiliated organisations. By joining your local NCSC you will automatically gain membership with FICS and therefore I just want to confirm whether you wanted to process with this application of Individual membership with FICS or whether you would like the details of your local NCSC to join up with them, remembering that this will also give you membership with FICS.

Joining your local NCSC will provide you the added benefit of attending your local events at your NCSC members rates along with full FICS membership benefits, whilst strengthening your networks within your local region. To find your local NCSC visit https://fics.sport/memberships/

We look forward to hearing whether you would like to proceed as an individual member or would like assistance connecting you’re your local NCSC.