The Upper and Lower Extremity Hands-on Seminars provide the basic skills and knowledge for chiropractors who would like to obtain an International sports chiropractic certificate. Students completing the certification hands-on seminars and meeting the requirements of the e-Learning program, qualify to work as a volunteer at International games and events. 



Dear all, the status of the ICSC hands-on seminars for the remainder of the 2020 year is seeing more cancellations and postponements.

  • The Australia seminar planned for November 2020 has been canceled and members who had registered for this will be carried over to the rescheduled date of 14-16 May 2021. Contact Debbie Kelly for information or refund inquiries.  [email protected] 
  • UK, London 2020 has been canceled and will b pushed to October 2021.

The world is now facing the impact of easing restrictions and the second wave. FICS are working with the National Chiropractic Sports Council who are taking advice from their local health bodies. We have a couple of seminars which we are waiting for another month before the final decision is made. The following locations are pending final decisions as to cancellation/rescheduling. We will communicate with members as soon as we have an update on all seminars.

Seminars 2020

We have been following the development of the COVID-19 epidemic closely, and with the ever-changing and growing large ban on large-scale events and the current travel restrictions in place around the world,  we have had to cancel or reschedule a number of our planned seminars for 2020. We understand the effects on your plans and practices and will work with members to keep you informed.   We will continue to monitor these, and all other seminars planned and will be update members closer to the dates. 

    We thank you for your continued support of the FICS and we look forward to seeing everyone at a future Hands-on  Module. 
    In Health, Christine Foss DC, M.S.Ed., ATC, DACBSP, ICSC, FICS Education Commission Chair
    Still taking registrations and hope to hold as planned:
Mexico and Spain expression of interest:

Secure your place by emailing your name and address to [email protected] and then closer to the date (one month out) we will contact you to pay for the registration fee and secure your place.  

Seminars 2021 – dates to be confirmed

FICS is currently working with a number of our NCSC’s to finalize the details of other planned seminars for 2020.  Once the details of the seminar are confirmed we will update members.
Watch this space…… 

        • Upper Extremity – Auckland New Zealand, most likely looking at 2021 at this stage.
        • France and Norway – Both these NCSC are considering seminars again in 2021.
        • Melbourne Australia  – May 2021. 
          Host NCSC: Sports Chiro Australia. Registration information coming soon.
        • Upper Extremity – Oxford, UK
           October 2021

If your NCSC would like to host a seminar, please Email [email protected]

What you will need: The workshops and seminars are 85% practical and to complete the seminar and qualify for the certificate of completion you will be required to take part in all activities and attend all sessions. Students need to ensure they allow plenty of time to arrive before the allocated start time. Registrations open at 8am on the first day.

Appearance: Please wear clothing that will allow your class partner to access the extremity. CMT, soft tissue therapies and strapping interventions will be highlighted in this seminar and will require the region to be accessible.

Duration: Seminars will comprise of 3 days, a total of 20 hours. The timing of the days may vary depending on where the seminar is held, and students should check the event information for confirmation of the timing. The below timing in the delivery overview is provided as a guide to the structure of each day.

Breaks: Day one and two will have a half-hour, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea break. Day three finishes before lunchtime.

Cost: The cost of the seminars is set by the host NCSC or Partner and students should refer to the registration information or contact the seminar coordinator for confirmation of this. FICS is sensitive to the domestic currency and makes all attempts to keep the seminar cost affordable.

Venue: The venue is listed in the information below however more details on this can be obtained from the seminar coordinator.

Delivery Overview: The training activities include a range of theoretical and practical tasks. Students are required to participate in all elements of the course, providing them with the opportunity to practice and refine their skills.

              • Lower Extremity – Cancelled due to Covid-19
                Riverdale, NJ (17-19 April 2020)
              • Upper Extremity – French Chiro College, Paris – 17-19 January 2020
              • Lower Extremity – Oslo Norway – 24-26 January 2020
              • ICSC Chile – Upper & Lower Extremity: 15-18 August 2019
              • ICSC England – Lower Extremity: 25-27 October 2019
              • ICCSP Lower Extermity – Sweden Malmo: November 9-11, 2018
              • ICCSP Upper Extermity – Gold Coast Australia: April 20-22, 2018
              • ICCSP Upper Extermity – Oxford UK: October 19-21, 2018
              • ICCSP Lower Extremity – Sydney Australia: February 17-19, 2017
              • ICCSP  Upper Extremity – Lausanne Switzerland: June 23-25 2017
              • ICCSP  Upper, Lower & Advanced Standing – South Africa Stellenbosch September 11-14, 2017
              • ICCSP Lower Extremity – Madrid Spain: October 27-29, 2017
              • ICCSP – Exam & Advanced Standing Course, Puerto Rico: March 12, 2016
              • ICCSP  Upper Extremity – Amsterdam Netherlands: April 15-17, 2016
              • ICCSP  Lower Extremity – Lausanne Switzerland: June 19-21, 2015
              • ICCSP  Lower Extremity – Gold Coast Australia:  August 14-16, 2015
              • ICCSP  Upper Extremity – Oxford UK: October 02-04, 2015
              • ICCSP  – Wolfsburg, Germany: September 26-28, 2014
              • ICCSP – Johannesburg, South Africa: March 01-31, 2014