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FICS Upper and Lower Extremity hands-on seminars provide the basic skills and knowledge for chiropractors who want to obtain an International sports chiropractic certificate.

Candidates completing the certification hands-on seminars and meeting the requirements of the e-Learning program qualify to work as a volunteer at International games and events.

DOWNLOAD: HOM_UE & LE Hands-On Seminars_Education Learning Objectives

ICSC Seminar Overview

Delivery of ICSC Hands-on Seminars
FICS are embracing and using the technology available to us.  We are offering the delivery of the upper and lower extremity courses using a hybrid method. The theory section will be via online learning which is opened up 30 days before the delivery of the practicum face-to-face sessions.   

Theory virtual session comprises all functions related to the delivery of the theory section of the course. It will form the foundation knowledge of the course and must be attended prior to the candidate attending the face to face session.  A short quiz is completed at the end of the session and recorded on the candidate’s file for completion purposes.  

Practicum (face-to-face) sessions will comprise the learning materials, active and interactive, which involve students hands-on skills. These sessions allow for interaction between the students and the instructors, networking opportunities and in-class practice to refine skills learnt.  

Completion: Candidates must attend both the virtual and practicum sessions, to be awarded completion of the seminar.  All candidates records will be kept by FICS for the awarding of the seminar completion certificate and the completion of the ICSC.

If you have any questions, please reach out to FICS admin via email:

In Health, Christine Foss DC, M.S.Ed., ATC, DACBSP, ICSC, FICS Education Commission Chair

Delivery information - Theory

The theory part of the ICSC Seminars is required to be completed before attending the practicum (face-to-face) session.

At the end of the virtual session, candidates complete a short quiz to test their understanding of the materials covered during the sessions.   More information about this process will be explained after you register for the seminar.  This theory part is opened up 30 days before the practicum (face-to-face) session and is completed in the candidates own time using the FICS ICSC learning platform. 

Planning your time: Theory is opened 30 days before practicum. 

One of the most difficult things with online learning is being behind a computer instead of sitting in front of people as if you were at a seminar in person. Preparing your time is important to ensure you get the most out of these sessions. We have listed a couple of tips below.

  • Make sure you allow yourself time 30 days before the practicum part of the seminar to complete the learning. The theory is 10 hours made up of five, two-hour modules. 
  • You need to ensure you dedicate the time away from distractions. There is a quiz at the end of each lecturer and you must receive a pass mark of higher than 90% to complete.
  • If you are a student, you may want to consider meeting up with a classmate and undertaking the session together.
Delivery information - Practicum

Practicum (face-to-face) session.

The workshops are 100% hands-on. All theory MUST be completed before attending this practicum workshop. To complete the seminar and qualify for the certificate of completion you will be required to take part in all activities and attend all sessions. Students need to ensure they allow plenty of time to arrive before the allocated start time. 

Attire for practicum seminar: Please wear clothing that will allow your class partner to access the extremity. CMT, soft tissue therapies and strapping interventions will be highlighted in this seminar and will require the region to be accessible.

Duration: Seminars will comprise ten (10) hours for each seminar. If you are attending a seminar that is hosting back to back seminars, this will be twenty (20) practicum.  The timing of the days may vary depending on where the seminar is held, and students should check the event information for confirmation of the timing. 

Breaks: There are regular breaks scheduled to allow for morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea break. 

Cost: The cost of the seminars is set by the host NCSC or partner and students should refer to the registration information or contact the seminar coordinator for confirmation of this. FICS is sensitive to the domestic currency and makes all attempts to keep the seminar cost affordable.

Delivery Overview: The training activities include a range of practical tasks. Candidates are required to participate in all elements of the course, providing them with the opportunity to practice and refine their skills.

REMINDER: The theory part of this seminar MUST be completed before attending the practicum sessions.

Seminar Facts

All seminars which are open for registration can be found in the FICS shop.

If you would like to check on the status of any upcoming seminars which are not listed on the shop front, reach out to

Interested in hosting a FICS hands-on seminar in your Country: Below is some frequently asked questions and answers. To open up a conversation about this or express interest in co-hosting a seminar, reach out to

  1. What is the prerequisite for attending the ICSC practical? – FICS currently deliver the hands-on seminars as a hybrid (10 hours online learning to cover the theory) and then 10 hours face to face. Face-to-face is all hands-on applications with participants undertaking the necessary skills of the seminar delivered.
  2. The hands-on seminars are Upper and Lower Extremity, can these be delivered together?
    Yes, these are delivered as part of a continual program over 2.5 days face-to-face (20 hours). If hosting one of the session is a stand-alone session the face-to-face seminar will be 1.5  days (10 hours).
  3. Do our members need to attend all ten (10) ICSC online modules before qualifying to take the practicals, hands-on classes?
    No. The requirement of the ICSC can be taken in any order. Participate registering for the hands-on will be given access to the online learning modules if they are yet to start that part of the course.
  4. Can you attend the hands-on for professional development and not complete the full ICSC requirement? 
    Yes, the hands-on seminars are open to all interested parties wishing to attend these seminars. If you are not a member of FICS you can register through the non-member rate. Students in their last year of study or 1st year postgraduate will be offered a student rate.
  5. What is the duration of the practical course? If you host just one session, it is ten (10) hours face-to-face. If hosting both together, it is twenty (20) hours face-to-face. We will work with you as to the preferred days but usually find a combination of a Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday works best.
  6. What is the instructor/ invigilator, student ratio?
    For 20-30 participants, we have two (2) instructors. The instructor /student ratio is roughly 1/12  for most of our classes.  However different venues, cost of travel etc do play a role in the ratio set up for the class.
  7. How large of a venue needed?
    FICS need to understand the restrictions which your country may have in place, however, as a general rule, you would need a venue that would be large enough for about 12 chiropractic tables.  This would allow 24 students at the very least.

Past Seminars

Contact FICS via email if you would like to host a seminar in your country. 

  • Upper Extremity – Alabama, USA – Feb 2022
  • Upper & Lower Extremity – New Zealand – March 2022
  • Upper Extremity – Gothenburg, Sweden – March 2022
  • Upper & Lower – Melbourne, Australia – May 2022
  • Lower Extremity – London, UK – May 2022
  • Upper & Lower Extremity, South Africa – June 2022
  • Lower Extremity – Lausanne, Switzerland – August 2022
  • Upper Extremity – Chile – September 2022
  • Upper Extremity – Milan, Italy – September 2022
  • Lower Extremity – Gothenburg, Sweden – October 2022
  • Lower Extremity – Madrid, Spain – October 2022
  • Upper & Lower Extremity – Malaysia – November 2022
  • Upper Extremity – Madrid, Spain: July 2021
  • Lower Extremity – Paris, France: July 2021
  • Upper Extremity – Oxford UK: September 2021
  • Upper Extremity – Lausanne Switzerland: September 2021
  • Upper & Lower Extremity – Mexico City: October 2021
  • 2020 seminars from February cancelled due to Covid-19
  • Upper Extremity – Paris France: January 2020
  • Lower Extremity – Oslo Norway: January 2020
  • Upper & Lower Extremity: Chile August 2019
  • Lower Extremity – Oxford UK: October 2019
  • ICCSP Lower Extremity – Sweden Malmo: November  2018
  • ICCSP Upper Extremity – Gold Coast Australia: April  2018
  • ICCSP Upper Extremity – Oxford UK: October 2018
  • ICCSP Lower Extremity – Sydney Australia: February 2017
  • ICCSP  Upper Extremity – Lausanne Switzerland: June 2017
  • ICCSP  Upper, Lower & Advanced Standing – South Africa Stellenbosch September 2017
  • ICCSP Lower Extremity – Madrid Spain: October 2017
  • ICCSP – Exam & Advanced Standing Course, Puerto Rico: March 2016
  • ICCSP  Upper Extremity – Amsterdam Netherlands: April 2016
  • ICCSP  Lower Extremity – Lausanne Switzerland: June 2015
  • ICCSP  Lower Extremity – Gold Coast Australia:  August 2015
  • ICCSP  Upper Extremity – Oxford UK: October 2015
  • ICCSP  – Wolfsburg, Germany: September 2014
  • ICCSP – Johannesburg, South Africa: March 2014
Social Media during seminars

Social media during or after the seminar:

FICS would like to acknowledge our seminar sponsors for their support, as their sponsorship allows us to provide members with the resources they need at both games and seminars. One of the great ways to acknowledge sponsors is by tagging them in social media when posting photos and updates from your attendance at the event.  We kindly ask you to acknowledge our sponsors when posting on your social media platforms at any FICS event via the following handles and hashtags:  

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The global coronavirus19 outbreak changed the way we think about face to face seminars.  The delivery of the upper and lower extremity seminars will include a virtual presentation one month before the face-to-face session to cover the theory and prepare students for a fully hands-on practical seminar. We look forward to working with all our partners and NCSC to ensure we can continue to raise the level of available seminars held making it more accessible for doctors to undertake this learning.

Dr Christine Foss

FICS Education Chair