Find all the information on the different ways you can become a member of FICS and join the international world of sports chiropractic.

FICS is the leading global organisation providing equitable access to sports chiropractic care, education, mentoring, and research to all athletes and sports chiropractors regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our members are also our partners, who represent, promote, and strengthen sports chiropractic within their country. 

Membership with FICS

Become a member of FICS and expand your  networks within the world of Sports Chiropractic

  1. Join your local National Chiropractic Sports Council (NCSC), and you will automatically gain FICS membership. Please note some countries only register their Fellows with FICS so check with your local NCSC or contact FICS for assistance. Joining your local NCSC will provide you with the added benefit of attending your local events at your NCSC members rates along with full FICS membership benefits, whilst strengthening your networks within your local region.
  2. Not a member of your local NCSC? You may join FICS as an individual member using the link above. Individual membership with FICS is 125.00 per calendar year.

Students studying at a college or university registered with FICS receive full membership benefits. Contact us for information on how to connect with one of our student clubs.

College & Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions which have a chiropractic program are putting their support behind strengthening the efforts to grow sports chiropractic globally.

FICS and the educational institutions work together to create a strong, cohesive voice for the acknowledgment of the education and research of the profession of sports chiropractors on the global stage.  FICS works closely with our Educational Institutions to enhance and widen opportunities for chiropractic students. This provides both their students and faculty with further opportunities for collaboration, networking, and resources.


Don’t see your University/College name below. Contact us to discuss a package suitable for you University/College.

  • Canada Université du Québec á Trois-Rivières
  • France Institut Franco-Europeen de Chiropratique (IFEC)
  • USA Life University
  • USA Northwestern Health Sciences University Northwestern Health Sciences University (Student Federation of International Care Sports)
  • USA Logan University
  • USA Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • USA Palmer College of Chiropractic
  • USA Parker University
  • USA University of Western State
  • USA Northeast College (formally known as New York College of Chiropractic)
  • UK McTimony College
  • UK Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC)
  • UK London South Bank University
  • UK – Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC)
Individual Membership

There are two (2) ways to become a member of FICS; one is through individual membership, and the other is via joining a member National Chiropractic Sports Council (NCSC).

By joining your local NCSC, you will be awarded all the benefits of FICS membership along with several additional opportunities.

  • Networks with the sports chiropractors within your local region/community.
  • Discount on the FICS ICSC modules.
  • Access to sport-related CPD webinars/seminars locally and events held by FICS.
  • Access to NCSC network of experienced sports chiros
  • Hear about opportunities to gain experience working in sport at the local level.
  • Registration on the FICS website as a member
  • FICS Scholarships

FICS has a significant international membership base that includes our 26 current NCSC’s along with several educational institutions and affiliated organisations. By joining your local NCSC, remember you will automatically gain membership with FICS.

After considering this, if you would like to join FICS as an individual member, you will be required to fill in the application form and submit a copy of your chiropractic transcript. 

Individual members have access to:

  • Networking opportunity with the top sports chiropractors internationally.
  • Registration on the FICS website as a member
  • Discount on the FICS ICSC modules.
  • Access to FICS related sport-related CPD webinars/seminars/masterclasses
  • Access to experienced sports chiros
  • Hear about opportunities to gain experience working in sport at the international level.
  • FICS scholarships

We look forward to hearing whether you would like to proceed as an individual member or would like the details of your local NCSC.  Download an application form below and send it to


What is a NCSC

One of the key activities of FICS is the provision of sports chiropractic services at international events. This enables FICS to achieve our vision of providing access to sports chiropractic for all athletes. FICS continually seeks to develop and maintain relationships with the various Sporting Federations and National  Chiropractic  Sports Council (NCSC) across the globe.  

FICS has a significant international membership base that includes 30 current NCSC’s as valued members.

Registering a new NCSC with FICS

FICS has a Membership Commission whose primary role is to support NCSC and facilitate their growth in membership. The Membership Commission will assist you in starting up and subsequent ongoing support of your council.  

The NCSC is required to develop articles and bylaws. FICS has templates in place to assist you in this development if requested. These organisational documents are designed to be simple and clear while being adequate to provide a basic structure for the new NCSC.  The templates are purposely drafted to allow maximum flexibility for the NCSC to create an environment specific to the needs of the council while still maintaining a suitable governance structure. Those forming a new council may want to take legal advice about any requirements for a properly established legal association in the country – e.g. minimum requirements, the minimum number of members, etc.

To register an NCSC within your country, reach out to our Membership Commission via We look forward to assisting and guiding you through the process. 

Refer to article 4.1 of the FICS Statutes for more information about registering a new NCSC. 

Associated Member Organisations

An Associate Member is any association, organisation, institution, or individual that supports the goals of FICS. These may include but are not limited to National Associations that are affiliated with The World Federation of Chiropractic. By joining FICS as an associated member these organisations are putting their support behind strengthening the efforts to grow Sports Chiropractic globally. 

Associated Membership Benefits:  Membership as an associated member of FICS provides your association and members with access to a range of membership benefits. 

Collaboration: Continual Education (CE) partnerships. Collaboration in the development of shared revenue partnerships for recognition of FICS International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) Program.

Branding, news, and information – Publications within FICS E-News and social media platforms. *FICS produces an eNews magazine once a quarter. This magazine is circulated to members and sports chiropractors within the international community across 26 countries (3,702 organic followers). Due to FICS’ highly defined and engaged demographic the FICS Facebook posts record on average a click-through of 9.35% (The average industry standard click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ranges from 0.5% to 1.6%. Where you have a targeted audience, 2% is considered to be a strong CTR).

Network: Access to FICS global network. 

Mentoring Program:  The Mentoring Program offers students access to enhances academic learning and global awareness in the specialty of sports chiropractic. 

Courses: Your members will have access to any of the FICS courses at the member’s rate. 

Contact us for more information and application form