One of the key activities of FICS is the provision of sports chiropractic services at international events. This enables the organization to achieve our vision of providing access to sports chiropractic for all athletes. To help with our vision FICS continually seeks to develop and maintain relationships with the various Sporting Federations and National Chiropractic Sporting Councils (NCSC) across the globe.

FICS has a significant international membership base that includes over 26 current NCSC’s as valued members along with a number of educational institutions and affiliated organisations. FICS is the leading global organization providing equitable access to sports chiropractic care, education, mentoring and research to all athletes and sports chiropractors regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our NCSC members are also our partners, who represent, promote, and strengthen sports chiropractic within their country. They create a strong, cohesive, and unified voice for sports chiropractors with a membership of FICS adding their voice to the global network for the betterment of Sports Chiropractic on the world stage.

Click on the below Organization name to connect with your local NCSC

Australia – Sports Chiro Australia

Belgium – Belgium Chiropractic Sports Council

Botswana – Association of Chiropractors

Canada – Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences

France – French Council of Sport Chiropractic

Germany – Chiropractic Sports Council

Greece – Hellenic Chiropractic Sports Council

Hong Kong – Sports Chiropractic Council of Hong Kong China

Ireland – Sports Chiropractic Ireland

Israeli Chiropractic Sports Council

Italy – Italian Chiropractic Sports Council

Japan – Japanese Federation Chiropractic Sportive

Mexico – Federacion Mexicana de Quiropractica Deportiva

Namibia – Chiropractic Sports Council

Netherlands – Nederlandse Vereniging Sport Chiropractie

New Zealand – Sports Chiropractic New Zealand

Norway – Norwegian Chiropractic Sports Council

Philippines – Chiropractic Sports Council

South Africa – Chirosport SA

Spain – Asociación Española de Quiropráctica Deportiva

Sweden – Swedish Chiropractic Sports Council (IKS)

Switzerland – Swiss Chiropractic Sports Council

Turkey – Turkish Chiropractic Sports Council

United Kingdom – Royal College of Chiropractors Sport and Exercise Faculty

USA – American Chiropractic Association Sports Council

Modified Member

Vietnam – Independent Sports Chiropractors