The Swiss franc (CHF) is FICS official currency. All shop prices will be listed in Swiss Franc (CHF).  It is helpful to know that 1 CHF = approx. 1.05 USD \ 0.92 EUR \ 0.82 GBR \ 1.5 AUD .*The exchange rate of the day can be checked here. * check your local cadr holder bank for the currency of day for accurate conversion.

FICS accept visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and TWINT. Surcharges and fees are added in accord­ance with the respective cart value on checkout at a flat rate of 2.1%. FICS credit card portal is via Switzerland Six Merchant Summary and is listed under the Merchant Category Code (MCC) as a member organisation. If this is the first time your credit card is making a payment to an MCC member organisation sometime your card may reject this payment as it is an unknown category. You may need to call the number on the back of your card and authorize this payment. 

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