MASTERCLASS Barcelona Spain – August 2022

CHF80.00 - CHF175.00


This seminar has been registered with the ECU for 5.5 CPD credits.

International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) masterclass can be undertaken as a stand-alone CPD event by any chiropractor or final year chiropractic student who is serious about becoming a great sports practitioner and getting the best results for their patients. The masterclass incorporates three lecturers, a totally of 5.5 hours.  It includes a range of lectures with a sports chiropractic focus, although relevant information for general chiropractic practice.

Dr Henry Pollard (1.5 Hours) – Vascular Occlusions in Athletes
This lecture will present information on common clinical presentations of “Vascular Occlusions in Athletes”. The focus will be on arterial and venous conditions in athletes caused or aggravated by sport.

  1. Upper and lower limb conditions.
  2. How the upper and lower conditions present clinically and how they are best assessed in your clinic.
  3. These conditions will be illustrated with relevant imaging studies including real-time ultrasound and angiography.

Dr Christine Foss (2 Hours) – Human in Motion: Dissecting Sports injuries of the Lower Limb
This session will look at the lower limb and its unique role in force transmission and production and how this kinetic chain can promote the optimal performance or exists as a predisposition to injury.  Dive into the dissection of the top sports injuries of the lower limb and understand how to unpeel the causative factors that make-or-break athletic performance.  As the course progresses, assessment skills of lower limb injuries will be demonstrated. Finally, rehabilitation regimes for unpeeling the kinetic chain and returning an athlete to sport and ready for optimal performance will be reviewed.

  1. The learner will gain knowledge of the kinetic chain of the lower extremity and its contributing factors to force transmission and production in sport.
  2. The learner will understand the mechanisms of injury that predispose an athlete to the top sports injuries of the lower limb.
  3. The learner will gain skills in assessment techniques of the lower limb
  4. The learner will gain an understanding of the steps in the rehabilitation of an athlete post-injury of the lower limb.

Dr Shane Lawlor (2 hours) – The Golfer’s Back: From Pain to Performance
Dive into the assessment tools and injury predispositions of the golfer. This course will review treatment approaches for golf-related back pain as well as rehabilitation tools for those golf-related injuries of the lumbar spine. The course will encompass a theory section as well as hands-on learning to facilitate practical applications in treating those golfers in your practice. Dr Lawlor has spent many years travelling and treating high-level golfers. His experience and dedication to this athlete are invaluable resources.

  1. Assessment tools for the golfer with back pain
  2. Treatment approaches for golf-related back pain
  3. Improving your rehabilitation of the golfer with back pain

Sunday 28 August 2022
11:30 – 12:00    Registration
12.00 – 13:30    Dr Henry Pollard – Vascular Occlusions in Athletes
13:30 – 15:30      Dr Christine Foss – Human in Motion: Dissecting Sports injuries of the Lower Limb
15:30 – 15:45      short break
15:45 – 17:45     Dr Shane Lawlor – The Golfer’s Back: From Pain to Performance

Dr Henry Pollard – Full Bio and Abstract
Dr Christine Foss – Full bio and abstract:
Dr Shane Lawlor – Full bio and abstract:

The currency rate of the day will vary, however, CHF to Euro is approx 1.02 cents to the Euro.

Registration fee prices are in Swiss francs (CHF)
Members:                    125.00 CHF  (121.37 Euro)
Non-members:            175.00 CHF (169.00 Euro)
Final year student / 1st-year graduate:          80.00 CHF (77.68 Euro)

Accommodation: (self-book): There are many hotels in the area for members to be near the
Venue: H10 Hotels, Via Laietana, 69, 08003 BARCELONA