International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC)

Below is all the information about the highly-acclaimed and exclusive International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC)Sports Chiropractors must complete their ICSC before being selected to provide care at Sporting Federation Games.

In this short 2 minute video, Dr Christine Foss, FICS Education Chair, will take you through the ICSC online learning modules and what is contained in this portion of the ICSC certification.



ICSC Program Overview

The International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) program offers an individual chiropractor the credentials required to work at FICS events worldwide. It is the minimum qualification required to be part of a FICS chiropractic delegation at regional sporting events, international events such as the regional and world championships and the World Games.

Eligibility: In order to apply for the ICSC you must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Be a qualified chiropractor from a qualified chiropractic graduate from a CCEI or CCE recognised/accredited institution
  2. Undergraduate students in or entering their final year can complete the hands-on seminars and the online learning component of the course.

To achieve the ICSC accreditation**

  1. Hands-on seminars – Each of the upper and lower extremity seminars is approximately 20-hour. The seminars include the treatment of common sports injuries, joint assessment and manipulation, soft-tissue applications, review of head injuries in sport, and taping. 
  2. ICSC online learning – The eLS consists of ten modules. There are quizzes and a final exam which has a pass mark of  90% 
  3. Working with athletes – You will be required to provide evidence of experience working with athletes in a sporting setting via a logbook, a letter from a high-performance team coach/administrator, or a written case study. For classification purposes: Working with a team of 10-year-old soccer children is NOT considered high performance. Working with a secondary school or club team that competes against other club teams with the intent of an outcome of improving their ranks in a league, etc. does count as high performance.
  4. CPR You must provide evidence of having completed a CPR qualification, within the last two years. 
  5. Degree evidence Your application completion submission must have evidence of your chiropractic degree and also license to practice. 

 **Chiropractors with ICCSP/ ICCSD who would like to update their certification to ISCS, please complete the Head Injury In Sport ICSC Module to fulfil your final requirements

The professional clinical experience must be completed after you have graduated as a chiropractor. 

** Ref the postdoctoral recognition section for information on expedite certification. 

ICSC Delivery Methods

Online learning (eLS)  You can sign up at any stage and complete the program material in any order.

Hands-on Seminars: The faculty for the seminars consists of internationally prominent Sports Chiropractors with extensive experience in treating athletes at international sporting events. FICS facilitate, on average, ten seminars per year in partnership with the NCSC’s in as many different locations around the world as possible. FICS is embracing a combination of a hybrid delivery for the hands-on seminars, with the theory section presented online before hands-on experience

Postdoctoral Recognition for ICSC

Members who hold a postdoctoral sports-specific chiropractic degree are considered for expedite certification.  If you are not sure about your degree and what you need to complete for the awarding of the ICSC, send a copy of your degree and transcript to and we will assist you with the requirements you need to complete.

FICS acknowledges the following to expedite ICSC requirements

  • Masters of Sports Science and Rehabilitation degree
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Science (Canada)
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (USA)
  • Diplomate in Sports Chiropractic (USA)
  • IFEC Sports Chiropractic Program, (France)

Once approved participants holding the above will only need to complete: 

  • ICSC online learning ICSC10 International Sports Chiropractic.
  • Provide evidence of working with athletes in a sporting setting.
  • Provide evidence of an update in sports concussion within the last 2 years OR complete ICSC01 Head Injury in Sport module. 

FICS members who hold a postdoctoral sports-specific chiropractic accreditation may request a review of credentials for consideration of expedite certification. To be recognised by FICS, the content of other degrees, fellowships, or certificates would need to contain specifically the treatment of athletes, assessment of injuries on and off the field of play, concussion protocols, head trauma, facial injury assessment as well as care and imaging of sports injuries. 

ICSC Program Cost

CURRENCY NOTICE: As FICS uses secure Swiss international banking for online transactions, all our courses, seminars, and events are in Swiss Francs (CHF). It is helpful to note that the international exchange rate is approximately $1.05CHF = $1USD. This may vary slightly depending on the daily exchange rate. All credit card payments attract a 2.1% surcharge to cover the credit card charges and are in addition to the course fee. 

Members who would like to pay in Euro or USD or undertake a direct bank transfer can reach out to and we will raise an invoice with bank transfer details on it.

Members’ discounts are offered from time to time and will be listed in the shop. Contact us to discuss payment plans.

  • Online Learning, ten modules – 2,500 CHF
  • **Upper Extremity Hands-on Seminar – starting at 500 CHF
  • **Lower Extremity Hands-on Seminar – starting at 500 CHF

** pricing of the seminar varies depending on the location and the hosting country. Members and Student pricing is offered at all seminars.

Student discount: Students can reach out to FICS or the Student Commission for a 20% discount code.  The hands-on seminars all have student prices advertised at the time of registration. Students will be required to provide evidence that they are an enrolled student in a Chiropractic Program and in their last year of study or within the first year of graduation.

ICSC - Get started today

All requirements must be completed within three years from the date of enrolment. We know that life gets in the way our best intentions, therefore extensions may be granted in extenuating circumstances.

Start in any order:

  • Register for the online learning modules via the FICS courses page
  • View seminar schedule to plan your most convenient hands-on seminar. Hand-on seminar schedule. 
  • Start recording your hours working with an athlete.**  You will be required to submit one of the following:

**To be eligible to be awarded the ICSC, doctors need to provide evidence that they have clinical experiences working with athletes and experience treating and assessing a range of different injuries.

Hands-on seminars.  Refer to the hands-on seminar tab for locations

Contact Us: FICS admin is located in Australia and emails will be acknowledged within 48 working hours

Continual Education Credits

Continuing education (CE), also known as CPD/CEU is required for all Sports Chiropractors working as part of a team at international games.

CE is essential because it ensures you continue to not only expand your thinking but keep you current and expand your networks. CE is an ongoing process throughout a professional’s career.  Gaining approval for CE credits for your local chiropractic license will depend on your regulatory board or college’s discretion. All courses come with a certificate of completion listing the hours of learning.  Many National Council Sports Chiropractors (NCSC) are working with their local governing body to gain the recognition of FICS seminars and courses. We would encourage you to contact your local NCSC as the first point of contact to enquire what the process is within your country. Some countries have a self-assessment requirement and will provide you with the necessary application to fill in to apply for CE credits.

FICS are forming partnerships to offer you the opportunity to meet the requirements to apply for continual education credits. Keep an eye on the social media channel and this page as we continue to add updated partnerships. It is our vision to expand these partnerships across the world so please reach out to us if you have contacts with your country which we can use to open up a conversation.    

United States: We are offering Chiropractors who have their CCSP a unique opportunity to obtain their International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) in the USA! FICS is offering accelerated standing in the ICSC program and NYCC secured continuing education credits for DCs in the following states for ICSC01 Head Injury in Sport (6.5 credits) and ICSC10 International Sports Chiro (2.5 credits)

Region 1: CO, CT, DC, DE, ID, IL, IA, MD, MA, MT, NE, ND, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, UT, VT, VA, WA, WY, Puerto Rico.

We are currently forming partnerships to offer CE credits in the following states. Once confirmed we will update this section.

Region 2: Arkansas, Illinois,  Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan,  Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana

Region 3: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas

European Chiropractic Union: The FICS ICSC Program is part of the Continuing Professional Development events which has been awarded CPD hours by the European Academy of Chiropractic. Refer to their website for information on how to apply for CPD credits  CLICK HERE 

ICSC - Frequently asked questions

Student discount: Students can reach out to FICS to apply for a discount on the eLS. The hands-on seminars all have student prices advertised at the time of registration. Students will be required to provide evidence that they are an enrolled student in a chiropractic program and in their last year of study or within the first year of graduation. 

Do I need a Textbook? The required textbook for the eLS is no longer necessary. The eLS system presents the latest and current information. Online learning caters to the individual learning styles and allows FICS the ability to continue to build on our learning platforms catering to the diverse membership. It will enable FICS to update information as new research comes to light and introduce different tools and resources for language functions and hear audio translations.    

Do I need an ICSC to participate on a FICS sports chiropractic team at an international event? Yes, you need to have an ICSC and be a member of FICS to be selected for a FICS team working at International games. This is necessary to assure the games organisers and the athletes that all doctors on the team are properly qualified and experienced, and to promote the professionalism and future of sports chiropractic. 

Reach out to us at if you have further questions. We look forward to assisting you and getting you started on your journey.

Not a member? Join FICS

There are 2 ways to become a member of FICS, and one is through individual membership at the cost of CHF 125, the other is via joining a member National Council Sports Chiropractic (NCSC)

FICS has a significant international membership base that includes our 26 current NCSC’s along with several educational institutions and affiliated organisations. By joining your local NCSC you will automatically gain membership with FICS, and therefore before you reach out to FICS with an application of Individual membership why not consider Joining your local NCSC, providing you with the added benefit of attending your local events at your NCSC members rates along with full FICS membership benefits, whilst strengthening your networks within your local region. 

FICS membership cost as an individual is CHF 125.00 annually. Download application form 

Now is a great time to become a certified sports chiropractor! Take a look at the program and start the journey!  We are here to help you through the process and assist you in becoming a specialist in sports chiropractic. Accredited Sports Chiropractic Schools: In order to undertake the International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) with FICS you are required to be a graduate of an accredited chiropractic program or be in your final year of study.

Dr Christine Foss

FICS Education Chair