FICS offer masterclasses to both members and non members. We value continuing education and invite all to take advantage of this learning.

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The power of continuing education

In conjunction with ICSC live and web-based courses, the masterclass addition to the FICS website is the start of our strategic plan to maintain membership activity and keep knowledge current and advancing.

We value continuing education and invite all who are interested to take advantage of these masterclasses.

This is the start of the strategic plan to grow the advanced course selection for Sports Chiropractors to stay current. These masterclass offer cutting edge knowledge and training in the treatment of athletes.

Expand your learning with some of the world’s leading sports chiropractors as they share their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures, and successes. 

Continuing education is important because it ensures you not only expand your thinking but also stay current and expand your networks. If you have a topic which you would like us to offer, let us know and we will reach out to an international speaker who specialises in that topic.

A lifelong journey!

Dr Christine Foss, has a passion for bringing the best and the latest learning opportunities to Sports Chiropractors.

Yours in Sport,
Dr Christine Foss
FICS Education Chair
(2019 – current)
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