About FICS

General Information

The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic/Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) is comprised of national chiropractic sports councils (NCSC) worldwide and individual members. FICS has affiliations with international organizations within the chiropractic profession and the world of sports.

The FICS Pillars of Strength

Skills and Knowledge: Enhancing skills and knowledge for all Sports Chiropractors through online and hands-on educational courses, clinical experience working with athletes on the world stage at games and events:

Facilitation and Enablement -Facilitating and enabling sports chiropractic care for all athletes.

Sustainable Partnerships – Building sustainable partnerships with all our stakeholders through marketing and delivering our value proposition, sponsorships, volunteer sport chiropractic services within the world of sport

Education and Recognition – Contributing to education and attaining recognition through Universities, Scholarships, Researchers.

FICS Value Statement

The FICS value statement is a declaration that informs our stakeholders and members about what our core principles are. It is used to create a positive image of the organization and to help us achieve positive outcomes for our stakeholders.