Chiropractic Students

The Student Commission is responsible for the creation of opportunities for students studying chiropractic, who are interested in sports chiropractic. Below is the information on how to stay connected; education; and sports opportunities. We will assist you in setting up a student club within your University/College and you will be expanding your networks in no time.


The purpose of networking is to form relationships with those who’ll help get you to where you want to go, and the earlier you start building up your network, the better. That’s why it’s important to start networking in college — before you’re graduated. FICS partnerships with college and university who run a chiropractic program allow students to be exposed to networks outside their core group.

Networking and connecting with other Sports Chiropractors outside of your University or home town, allows you to prepare for working in practice and with sporting teams. It opens doors to employment opportunities with your local Sports Chiropractors community and being a part of a community of like-minded students and practitioners are some of the many benefits of joining FICS as a student council.

ICSC Study Group

Undergraduate chiropractic students in or entering their final year of study can enrol in the International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC). The ICSC is your step to working with athletes on the International Stage. If you would like FICS Student Commission to appoint someone to your Educational Institution to assist with a study group, reach out to us via email. 

The student commission is here to assist groups of students with study groups. To apply for the ICSC, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be a qualified chiropractor from a CCEI or CCE  recognized/accredited college. 
  • Undergraduate students in or entering their final-year can complete the hands-on seminars and ICSC online learning.
FICS Student Club (FSC)

Benefits for starting/ having a FICS Student Club (FSC)

Here are a few things (but not limited to) that benefit FICS student members, which you are most welcome to relay to students… And we’re happy to give keen students the details about starting a club; you are most welcome to pass on our contact 😉  Email us:

There are many more benefits for FSC members! Your journey with the broader sports chiropractic world begins with YES!  Read of some of the benefits below, and reach out to us to help you get started. 

Student scholarship page for more information – Click Here
FICS student club members receive higher ranking (extra points) for annual scholarship applications. 

FICS Mentoring Program – Click Here
From April-Oct annually, FICS draw together Sports Chiropractors from all different parts of the world to mentor final year students and recent grads. It takes about a month or so to select and place the best mentee with a mentor. As there are many FICS Student Members and Mentors worldwide, there is an application process, and we cannot promise placement for everyone. Still, we do our best to accommodate anyone who applies. This benefit is massive for networking, getting potential placements working with athletes and job offers.

ICSC Certification 20% Discount – Click Here
Do you want the opportunity to travel the world and provide sports chiropractic care to athletes at international sporting events like The World Games and Olympics?  This opportunity is within your reach. To work at international events as a sports chiropractor you need to hold the International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC). You can start this accreditation in your final year of chiropractic studies. Besides getting specific knowledge and hands-on skill-set education, this is awesome on resumes and opens doors for great sports chiropractic opportunities!

FICS Speaker List – The amount and diversity of FICS Sports Chiropractors are extensive! FICS Education Commission has a list of sports chiropractors worldwide who offer their time freely to speak on the Zoom platform to student clubs about their experience and expertise.

Zoom Platform – FICS student clubs have access to the FICS zoom platform to host their monthly webinars when using a FICS guest speaker.

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