FICS Games Tiering System & Application process 


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The tiering system will create a ranking system within FICS that will seamlessly assist the Games Commission in a transparent and smooth selection process when it comes to selecting FICS teams for bronze, silver and gold tiered events. The purpose and intention of this system is to ensure that for bronze and silver tiered events, the FICS Games Committee is able to select a balanced team of experienced and novice sports docs in both the type of event (eg National, World Championship or Multisport event) as well as the sporting code (International Sporting Federations are ranked within GAISF (Global Association of International Sporting Federations) according to their recognition and level of membership) being serviced.

For gold tiered events, the Games Committee will be tasked with selecting FICS’ finest team available, as this team will showcase FICS at the highest and most scrutinized levels of world sport.

School, University, College, Club, Regional and National Championships, including NCSC events

National and International/World Championship events organised/sanctioned by FICS to include multisport games eg CSIT & Regional Games

World Championship and Multisport events organised and sanctioned by FICS for ASOIF and AIOWF member federations to include GAISF Games, WGA, IMGA, Youth Olympics and IOC

GETTING STARTED: It will provide an opportunity for our members to gauge and follow their journey to mastery from their beginnings as student member through to the highest levels of International Sports Chiropractic.

RANKING: There will be rewards and acknowledgments of your achievements as you work up the ranking system. Certificates and badges will be awarded once you have reached certain levels on the ranking system. These badges will be worn on your FICS team shirts to indicate your contribution as a volunteer providing world class Sports Chiropractic care on behalf of FICS, whilst also demonstrating your level of experience and expertise.

Your documentation will be kept safely on file. You will not have to resubmit all this documentation for every application unless you need to update your current status. We encourage you to do this at regular intervals so that the application process for the games will be fairly simple and straight forward.

The tiering system is a working project which will be tweaked from time to time in order to make the selection process as seamless and as transparent as possible. We hope that you enjoy the challenge of rising up the ranking system and will embrace it in the true spirit of sportsmanship and your professionalism as a FICS Sports Chiropractor! We look forward to seeing you out on the sports fields fulfilling your dreams and passion as a Sports Chiropractor.


When you see an event that you would like to apply for as a member of the FICS team, make sure you have read the above games selection process, or email the Games Committee and ask them for a copy.

Work through your point allocation and be sure to attach any required supporting documentation.

There is currently no stipulation for vaccination. This is a personal choice at this stage which may change at any given time and will always be subject to the national and international travel regulations. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you have complied with the international travel requirements to and from your country. If the event organisers stipulate the requirement of vaccines for a particular event, you will be notified as soon as we have this information.

Once you have collated all of the required information and you have tallied up your points, make sure that you write the motivation for the selection to add to your application. This should be a paragraph of no more than 100 words.

SUBMIT YOUR INTEREST: Download the application form and fill in your details. If you have applied for and worked at an event with FICS within the last 12 months, we will have your details, and therefore you don’t need to fill in a new form unless your details have changed. The highly-acclaimed and exclusive International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) prepares doctors with the skills necessary to work at international events. To work at events, doctors must be committed to the ICSC qualification. This prepares the doctors to transition from a nice quiet office where you have time to dedicate your attention to a patient compared to working at an international event where you may be working in a tent or on the side of a field working with athletes in a sporting setting.

Therefore, we require doctors to have started the ICSC and at least completed module 10, which prepares them for working at events. For Bronze or Silver tier events, we will accept doctors who have registered and started their ICSC. If you are yet to start the ICSC, jump onto the education section of our website and get started today. You won’t be disappointed. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you started with the process so we can start placing you at events to extend your skill set.

Send your application form to the Games Committee (


The application deadline for team selections will be made clear on the FICS website as well as on all the FICS social media platforms.

Please submit your FICS tiering document (including all supporting documentation) along with a copy of your valid passport, current and up to date first aid certification and proof of malpractice cover.

The tier level of an event will often dictate the time frames for selection however, these time frames are not cast in stone as we are often presented with last-minute requests for our services. We will always try our utmost to provide athletes with access to Sports Chiropractic. Sometimes, however, this leaves us with very short time frames in which to provide notice to the members, receive applications and make team selections so, please keep your eyes on our website and social media platforms for opportunities to travel and work at new and exciting events.

Once the Games Committee has made the team selection, the selection will be confirmed by the International Sporting Federations Commission before being ratified by the Executive Management Team with the President’s approval. The successful individuals will be notified by the Games Committee and the team will be published across all FICS platforms.

The Games Committee will then be in contact with you to assist you with travel arrangements and fill you in on the logistics involved with the event and to let you know who the Chef de Mission for the event will be. They will guide you through the process and make sure that you have the appropriate kit and equipment for the event.

The Chef de Mission will become your point of contact. It will be the responsibility of the Chef to communicate with the LOC and ensure the smooth running of the event for FICS on the ground. The Chef will also be expected to provide a comprehensive report to the Games Committee and the ISFC within one month of the completion of the event.

All FICS team members will receive the FICS Field Manual prior to the event and will need to sign the code of conduct indicating that they have read and understood the contents of the Field Manual as well as the expectations.