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Below is all the information on the FICS brand; how you can get a copy of the FICS logo; information on advertising in the E-news; and all the latest news updates for around the world.

Your Stories FICS E-News

FICS quarterly E-News – Storytelling that connects us to the world of sports chiropractic community and inspires us all. Share your story with us and let us share this with the world.

My journey during 2020: Cycling, Covid19 & Chiropractic 2020 Sports Review. Br Dr James Power



FICS Brand Terms of Use

The Marketing Commission is responsible for effective communications within FICS, within the chiropractic profession, and externally with stakeholders in the sports world. Our objective is to develop and implement united strategies to provide effective brand recognition and marketing to promote and showcase the skills of sports chiropractic on the world stage. 

The FICS value statement is a declaration that informs our stakeholders and members about what our core principles are. It is used to create a positive image of the organisation and to help us achieve positive outcomes for our stakeholders. As the leaders in Sports Chiropractic we strive to provide equitable access to sports chiropractic care, education, mentoring, and research to all athletes and sports chiropractors regionally, nationally, and internationally. We are perpetually striving to maintain the positivity, forward-thinking and professionalism of the FICS organisation by staying congruent to its core foundations while adapting and staying current as trends change. 


“As FICS increase their investment in social and digital media as part of FICS strategy to increase members, customers, and partners it is critical that the FICS logo (and Brand) represent the mission and key attributes; The FICS logo and brand convey progressive, leadership, elite athletics/Olympics/sport, professional, chiropractic, and collaborative.  This is just the next step in the FICS brand evolution and will continue to evolve and improve. “

Paul Timko, Marketing Consultant

The FICS graphic standards document is provided to all members, partners, and stakeholders who wish to use the FICS brand on their website or in publications. It outlines exactly how to communicate the FICS brand and logo to maintain consistency in how the FICS logo and branding is used. We thank you for your cooperation in representing our brand correctly and are happy to provide assistance if required. If you would like to display our logo, please reach out to us via email:

Approval Process: When using the FICS logo within any type of print or web ad that includes copy, contact information, or any other graphic or text elements, proof should always be submitted to the FICS Marketing Department for review and approval. A PDF is the best format to send to us for review purposes. 

To ensure consistent logomark branding integrity, DO NOT attempt to recreate or manipulate the logos in any way. DO NOT  scan, crop, or modify the logos. Only resizing of the logos is permitted. The FICS logo should be reproduced from the original electronic files only and is NOT to be copied and pasted. This reduces the quality of the logo and the brand.

For a copy of the graphic standards and a copy of the FICS logo, send your request to us via email with an explanation of where and how you would like to use the logo.  


FICS support NCSC by sharing of resources. If your organisation would like assistance with images, creation of flyers, PowerPoint development, don’t hesitate to reach out to our admin support. You are part of the FICS family, and together we support the advancement of sports chiropractic care through-out the world.

Make sure you share what’s happening within your NCSC or Country with us for inclusion in the sports chiropractic E-news and build a stronger sense of camaraderie with your peers.

It’s also essential to stay connected and informed. 

  • Keep the communication lines with FICS open. No matter what your request is or what you are trying to do, share your ideas, and we will reach out to our networks to assist you where we can. 
  • Strengthen bonds. Right now, the world is changing the way it thinks, works and acts. A lot of organisations are adapting to new daily routines, software, communication platforms. A lot of people are isolated from their typical networks, so we need to get creative with and continue to build on the platforms which we use to communicate. Please stay connected with us on social media for all the latest updates and chat shows. There has never been a better time than now to start the ICSC online learning. Register today and get ready for the return to sporting events. 
Social Media

Have you seen our Live Facebook and YouTube series? 

We are living in a digital era, in which social media is the primary means for most of us to get news and to gather influence – to shape our lives, one might say. FICS has come leaps and bounds in recent times to bring great content forward, but we need your help to continue to spread the word and increase the recognition of Sports Chiropractic around the world.  If you haven’t already done so, please like and follow FICS on Facebook@FICSsportschiro Invite all of your contacts to follow FICS, including all of your non-chiropractic contacts (parents, neighbours, sports buddies etc).  Like, share and comment on the FICS posts – this boosts our engagement and makes our content rank higher in a Facebook algorithm, hence it massively increases our organic reach. If you hold a post in another chiropractic organisation, such as NCSC, chiropractic association or group, please share the FICS posts to their Facebook pages or ask them to share the posts for you. Please subscribe to the FICS YouTube channel and share it on your Facebook page.

The Marketing Commission is confident that increased brand recognition and online presence will boost FICS membership and games volunteering, as well as attract bigger sponsors, which ultimately helps more athletes achieve their optimal performance naturally. FICS is already super sexy – now we must make the world realise that.