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What is your dream event to work at?
The Olympics? The World Games? Your local nationals?

The World Games July 2022. The numbers are officially in! By the end of The World Games, FICS delivered a record-breaking 3,425 treatments 🙌 And who’s the best judge of the success of those treatments? During the Games, our team filmed short interviews with the athletes, coaches, and volunteers they treated to find out how their performance improved and whether they would recommend Sports Chiropractic to others. Follow us on Facebook to catch all the highlights of the Games and Interviews. Read more click here…..

Dr Rene Fejer, Denmark at  The World Games July 2022.
Volunteering at Games as part of the FICS Sports Chiropractic team brings many rewards.

The experience of volunteering at international games and events isn’t just about watching the games, mingling with the athletes, or thriving on the positive vibes that the event exudes from every pore. Taking part is as much about cultural exchange and helping athletes perform naturally as it is about the event.

For all Gold events, it is mandatory to have an ICSC, be a member of FICS and hold your own malpractice insurance to be selected for a FICS team appointed to an international event.

For the bronze and silver events as long as you have registered for and started your ICSC you will be considered for placement at these events. This is a great way to start building up your experience to be selected at one of the Big Ticket Gold Events like The World Games. 

All enquiries or questions about volunteering, contact: Games@ficsport.org. 

The 12th edition of The World Games will take place in August 2025.
The host city will be the megacity Chengdu in the People’s Republic of China.
Do you want to be part of the FICS Sports Chiropractic Team?
Start your ICSC today and get experience working at some of the Bronze and Silver level International events.

Volunteering at Games as part of the FICS Sports Chiropractic team brings many rewards.

Check out the events page on the FICS website or reach out to us at the Games mailbox for information on how you can get involved.

For all enquiries or questions about volunteering, contact: Games@ficsport.org. 

For partnership enquiries to place a team at your event contact, International Sports Federations Commission Chair Dr Simon Lawson ISFC@ficsport.org.


Games are categorised into three tiers which have a different timeline for team selection

Bronze Event

Silver Event

Gold Events

If you are interested in applying to volunteer at any of the FICS events, you will have to keep an eye out for the call for volunteers. This will be widely distributed through our social media channels as well as on our website listed in our events calendar below.

  • We will endeavour to open most applications at least 4-6 months prior to an event.
  • Unfortunately, some selected events may only allow us 4-6 weeks in which to advertise, select a team and get organised.
  • In the case of a gold tier event, we will often need to advertise as far as a year out from the competition. If any of these events are on your bucket list, you’re going to want to keep in touch. Please keep an eye on our social media and keep referring back to the website.

All applications will need to be sent to the Games Committee. The applications will be collected and collated. The teams will be selected by the Games Committee and the International Sporting Federations Commission (ISFC). Once the teams have been selected, they will be presented to the FICS Executive Management Committee before being signed off and officially released. The Games Committee will communicate the success of your application with you and will provide you with a copy of the FICS Games Code of Conduct and Field Manual along with all the details you will need in order to perform your duties as a proud member of the FICS team.

Selection of the teams will vary according to the category of the event being advertised. We will categorise these events into Gold, Silver and Bronze tier events. Each event will carry a certain number of points which you will be able to accrue and put into your Games Selection portfolio. The idea of the tiering system is not only to encourage you to get more involved in all level of events and different sporting codes but most importantly, it will give the Games Committee a more objective and transparent system by which to select the best team and most appropriately experienced FICS teams for specific events.

For our Gold Tier events, we would need to send our most experienced and most reliable team possible. This tiering system will afford the Games Committee a clear and fair way of making these selections. There will be a number of ways that a member will be able to accrue points for their portfolio:

  • completing further CPD and educational requirements
  • involvement in the FICS administration/management/commission structures
  • involvement in local community sports teams/federations
  • involvement and participation in your NCSC

Participation at events is vital and will weigh significantly when it comes to selecting FICS teams that will need to be “match fit”. Detail on the tiering system and how to improve your portfolio status can be found below.