The next elections will take place in October 2023.

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FICS Executive Council Regional Representative

In accordance with the FICS Statutes, at the Members General Assembly, every two years, the National Chiropractic Sports Councils (NCSC) elect candidates to represent the interest of their region on the FICS Executive Council. October 2021 saw the election of five regional representatives with the next four regions due for reelection in 2023.

Candidates standing for election are put forward by their NCSC and are presented to the NCSC Presidents at a forum held 6 months before the Members General Assembly.

The five (5) regional representatives’ positions elected in 2021 according to Chapter III Article 8 of the FICS Statutes were:

  • Latin America (one)
  • Europe (one)
  • North America, USA (one)
  • Asia (one)
  • Eastern Mediterranean (one)

The four (4) regional representatives’ positions to be elected in 2023:

  • Europe (one)
  • North America, Canada (one)
  • Pacific (one)
  • Africa (one)


To be eligible to serve on the FICS Executive Council (ExCo) as a regional representative, a candidate must be an individual member in good standing of an NCSC in the region they will represent. It is highly desirable but not mandatory to have previous experience in serving FICS in some capacity or similar experience in a comparable organisation. Individual members are not eligible to serve on the FICS ExCo as a regional Representative. All representatives MUST be a member of their local NCSC.

Previous experience means:

  1. having been a member of the Executive Management Team for at least one (1) year;
  2. Served as a Commission Chair for at least two (2) years; or
  3. Current or past member of a FICS Commission for a total of three (3) years.

Suppose a candidate does not meet the previous experience requirements, and no other suitable candidate is identified for a region that meets the requirements. In that case, this nomination will be put before the NCSC Presidents of the region to vote on whether that person is suitable to represent the region on the FICS Executive Council.

How do I get elected to the FICS Executive Council?

Nomination Process

The individual councils, which make up a region, will send out a call for expression of interest or nominate a representative to be appointed to represent the region on the FICS Executive Council. The appointment of this person is for a four-year term and will act as the liaison between FICS and the region.

Contact your local NCSC if you are interested to find out more.



Election Process - How does it work?

FICS advertise to all members any upcoming elections at the start of any election year.  Interested candidates are encouraged to approach their NCSC to discuss endorsing their nomination. An endorsed application will be considered more competitive by the NCSC Presidents within the region which you wish to support. Please refer to the elgiblity criteria.

Nominations are submitted to FICS admin along with a letter of support.

Application Process. 

  1. If any region has any last-minute nominations, you have just under two weeks to have them submitted to FICS admin before the advertised close of nominations. No later applications are considered.
  2. If a region only has one nomination:   These candidates will be accepted as the nominated regional rep if no objections are lodged about the candidate’s suitability or no new candidates are submitted. If an NCSC objects or has concerns about a candidates suitability, they will be asked to lodge an official email from their NCSC president outlining the reason for the objection and as much detail as possible to allow the FICS nominating committee the opportunity to validate your concern.
  3. More than one candidate for the same region. 
    1. FICS will oversee an official online voting system for the region NCSC presidents to vote for their preferred candidate to be put forward for that region.
    2. Only the region NCSC presidents will be able to vote for their preferred rep.
    3. This ballot will open on the nominated date providing NCSC’s two weeks to cast their vote for their preferred representative.

On or before the nominated date all candidates for the regional rep positions are to be finalised.

  1. FICS will notify all candidates of the result
  2. Results sent to the NCSC presidents
  3. The outgoing FICS Regional Rep will organise a meeting with the incoming candidate to discuss the position and provide a handover.
  4. FICS will invite the successful candidates to attend the FIC ExCo meeting as an observer.
  5. All candidates are to be ratified at the Members General Assembly.