Dr. Andy Klein

Dr Mika Janhunen

D.C., M (Chiro), ICSC, FRCC (Sport)

CDr Mika Janhunen D.C., M(Chiro), ICSC, FRCC (Sport), FIFA qualified from AECC, Bournemouth, the UK in 2007. He has been working in his private clinic in Shepperton, the UK since 2008. Over the years he has been affiliated with various sports clubs, ranging from Golf to Triathlon, and Football (soccer) to Rugby. Currently, he prefers to treat at the clinic only and his passion lies in the endurance and extreme sporting fields. 

Dr Mika is highly knowledgeable on whole body adjusting and functional biomechanics. He combines various assessment and treatment modalities together to best suit the individual patient and their sport-specific needs to ensure great outcomes. He uses a holistic model of assessment and treatment where all parts of the athlete, including anatomy, physiology, neurology, functional biomechanics, nutrition, recovery and emotional health are addressed.

Dr Mika is a fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors Sports faculty in the UK, a dynamic tape instructor and oxygen advantage instructor. He further serves as the chairman of the FICS Marketing Commission.


  • ICSC Upgrade 2019
  • ICCSD (FICS – International Sports Chiropractic Federation) Course 2014
  • Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, UK, Graduated July 2007