ICSC Bundle – #ICSC07 – #ICSC08


This bundle package is for ICSC candidates wishing to purchase two of the ICSC online learning modules at a time. If you need any assistance, reach out to FICS at admin@ficsport.org.

ICSC07 – Chiropractic Sports Injuries (ICSC) #07 of 10: Spine Injuries in Sport
The purpose of this course is to provide doctors of chiropractic with training in the evaluation, treatment and management of spine injuries in sports. Common spinal conditions seen in sport will be discussed along with the pathoanatomy, biomechanics, epidemiology, acute management and chronic management of these conditions.

ICSC08 – Chiropractic Sports Injuries (ICSC) #08 of 10 Strength Conditioning and Treatment Physiology
This course will cover basic principles of exercise physiology, team physiology (working as part of an integrated healthcare team), modalities in sport, photobiomodulation in healthcare (LASER), and strength & conditioning for the sports chiropractor.  The course will provide a basic overview of these topics as well as provide learners with principles they can incorporate into their sports chiropractic practice.