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Dynamic Tape Global® provides Biomechanical Taping® products which can be used to modify position & movement patterns, improve function, and reduce strain on overloaded structures. From Neurology to Hand Therapy, Dynamic Tape is a trusted ally for FICS Sports Chiropractors working at international events. In partnership with Dynamic Tape we offer the following resources, discounts, and access to education and products.

20% Discount on Education

Use the code FICSMember for a 20% discount on online education with Dynamic Tape.

Explore videos, their education pathway, online and live courses, research and FAQs. Once you’re ready to get practising, order a starter pack, find a willing subject and get started.

What is Dynamic Tape?

Dynamic Taping aims to encourage appropriate loading and restore movement choice. Dynamic Tape revolutionised therapeutic taping by introducing a range of strongly elastic tapes with different grades of strength, stretch and recoil. With correct taping applications they can mechanically resist/decelerate or assist motion thereby reducing the load on the muscles, tendons, ligaments or associated structures that would normally have to control those forces.

FICS teaches Dynamic Taping at all upper and lower extremity seminars, and uses Dynamic Tape when treating athletes at international events and games. When Dynamic Taping is indicated and applied correctly, results are immediate, observable and generally objectively measurable.

For more about what Dynamic Tape is and how it works please visit

FICS proudly supports Dynamic Tape
FICS proudly supports Dynamic Tape
FICS proudly supports Dynamic Tape
FICS proudly supports Dynamic Tape

Get Access to Clinician Pricing

Register as a Dynamic Tape Clinician to get access to exclusive pricing and to join their global community of clinicians. Biomechanical Tape™ product range including Dynamic Tape®, Dynamic Tape Eco™, PowerBand™ and PosturePals® is trusted by professional athletes, major clubs and associations around the world.

Taping at Extremity Seminars

FICS upper and lower extremity hands-on seminars provide the basic skills and knowledge for chiropractors who would like to obtain an International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic. Our instructors are qualified by Dynamic Tape, and you’ll learn taping using the original Biomechanical Tape®.

In 2022 we have 14 seminars planned across 13 countries, expecting over 600 sports chiropractors and students to take part. Since our partnership with Dynamic Tape in 2018, FICS have taught:



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Dynamic Tape FICS Partnership (4)
Dynamic Tape FICS Partnership (4)
FICS proudly supports Dynamic Tape

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