2021 WAKO Senior and Master World Championship

18-23 October 2021
FICS Team: Dr Shea Stark, Dr Fraser Oakman, Dr Jose Balseca

With over 1,600 athletes from 65 countries, the WAKO Kickboxing World Championships in Jesolo, Italy were ago. Originally the 10-day event was to take place at a different location but with COVID protocols still in the mix, a quick change was necessary and the city of Jesolo stepped up to the plate.

Shea Stark, a first-time volunteer with FICS from the United States, was appreciative for the opportunity. “The WAKO Kickboxing World Championships was an excellent introduction to working events with FICS.” Dr Shea Stark, a 2014 graduate of Texas Chiropractic College, has served as President of the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council and is the current US Representative with FICS. “The athletes were so grateful for us being there to help them perform at their best. The ability to work with athletes from all over the world was a priceless experience and I hope to be lucky enough to do it again in the future.”

The team provided their services to athletes from the likes of Guatemala, Poland, India, and many more. “I enjoyed becoming vested in the athletes’ tournament after treating them,” says Dr Jose Balseca, first-time volunteer and 2014 of New York Chiropractic College (United States). “After the matches, athletes would come up to us to take pictures, shake hands, and let us know how much we helped them through their match. This is my first international event and definitely something I won’t forget.”

Dr Fraser Oakman of Australia was selected to work on his second FICS event this year. He was selected in July for the Fistball Championships in Austria. “The athletes were spectacular and being able to integrate ourselves into their gold medal desires was an enriching experience. They had complete faith in our skills, and it was rewarding to receive their gratitude. The team FICS selected was special to work with and I’m hoping to be part of this again in the future.”

Report by Dr Jose Balseca

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