ICSC Program Overview

The ICSC Program overview outlines the learning hours within the different components of the ICSC course.

3rd March 2019

Information About the International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC)

We are excited to announce the release of the International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC)

One of FICS primary objectives is promoting excellence in postgraduate education and practice in sports chiropractic worldwide, in part through the development of postgraduate sports chiropractic programs.

FICS aim is to set an appropriate minimum standard in theoretical and practical sports chiropractic education for chiropractors wanting to develop special competence in the field of sports chiropractic and to be qualified to serve on FICS teams, or teams selected with assistance from FICS, at international events.

ICSC program produces a well-rounded individual chiropractor that is qualified to work at sporting events throughout the world. Furthermore, it is the minimum qualification required to be part of a FICS chiropractic delegation at regional sporting events, international events such as the regional and world championships, the World Games or the Olympic Games.

Click on the link below to read more about the program. 

ICSC – E-Learning

One of FICS primary objectives is promoting excellence in postgraduate education and…

23rd October 2018

ICSC e-Learning (eLS)& other courses

To view the courses available and register for the ICSC eLS modules, use the register here button below to take you to the eLS registration portal.  When you access the eLS portal through www.ficsport.org you will be presented with a login/registration page. Please register yourself in the system so you are identified in the database. You will then be able to purcahse any of the ICSC course online modules.

Once you have purchased a course, please allow up to 48 business hours to receive your login details. FICS is currently in the process of migrating all the ICSC eLS modules to the FICS environment, and once this is done we will be able to automate the process and make this faster for our members to gain access. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve our services.

Once you have registered and paid for the course you will receive an e-mail with the web address for the eLS, a login, and password, within 48 business hours at which time you will be able to start the course.

Sports Chiropractic Fellow for ICSC – Dr Beth Antoine

Congratulations to Dr. Beth Antoine of Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) in…

August 15, 2017

Dr. Beth Antoine of Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) in Minnesota, is the current sports chiropractic fellow for FICS.

This fellowship is part-funded by FICS for 3 years with Beth’s term ending in August 2020.  During this time, working with and supervised by Dr. Tim Stark, Director, Human Performance Center, NWHSU and Chair, FICS Education Commission, Beth will be responsible for literature reviews and other work leading to the continuous improvement of the ICSC online and seminar coursework and assessment.

Qualified as both a Doctor of Chiropractic and an athletic trainer, Beth also has a master’s degree in sports psychology and is completing a second masters in clinical nutrition.  As a sports chiropractic fellow she will also be providing clinical services.  

Look for Beth at future FICS seminars and other meetings.