Student Scholarship QUICK Checklist before submission

Student Scholarship – SUBMISSION CHECKLIST

Written by FICS ICSC

October 3, 2020

Student Scholarship Application Checklist 



STEP 1: Download and SAVE the applicaiton form

Download the application form and save to your computer. Once you have it saved on your computer READ the submission requirements carefully.


Student in their last two years of study 

Emerging Student Scholarship – has more than two years of study left.  

Application form: Download here



Step 2: Prepare

Using the check list on the application form, go through and gather all your evidence. 

TIPS: SUPER IMPORTANT: Make sure you list your name IN THE HEADER of the word document, so that your name appears on EVERY sheet. 

Step 4: Reference

Approach a faculty member at your University to get a character reference. 

TIPS: SUPER INFORMATION: The reference MUST be on college letterhead and signed by the faculty member with an email address or phone number for reference checks to be completed.


The Faculty member can submit this directly to FICS on your behalf or give to you to attach with your application  


Step 5: Ready to submit (DEADLINE 31 OCTOBER annually)

We suggest you submit early as NO LATER applications will be accepted. 

Start an email to 

Subject line: FiCS Scholarship Application

Subject body of email: Make sure you address your email to us and list a short note about what the email is about. Example please accept my application for the student scholarships. Sign your email with your name. 

TIP: SUPER INFORMATION. Make sure you attach all your documents in one email and ensure your name is on the header of all the word documents. 


FICS will acknowledge your application as accepted. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 24 working hours we suggest you reach out again. FICS accept no responsibility for applications which are not received. 


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