2022 World Games – Highlight of my career

By Renee Bowen, Jasper, Alabama, DC, CCSP, ICSC

FICS and the 2022 World games will forever be a great highlight of my career.  The opportunity of working with high level athletes has been a long time goal.

The experience was much more than I anticipated.  My team worked the Sloss furnace location which included Break dance, Parkour, Speed Climbing, Boulder Climbing and Lead Climbing.  I must admit I knew very little of these sports. Thank you Drs. Todd Riddle, Rene’Fejer, Jon Wilhelm & Anne Sorrentino for allowing me to learn from you and for sharing the hottest days of my life!

The opportunity to become friends with the President of the handball federation and meeting Thomas Bach, the President of the IOC was indeed a highlight! Talking with and treating athletes from over 20 countries was priceless.  Witnessing the one you just adjusted their low back or taped their ankle become medal winners is thrilling.

meeting Thomas Bach, the President of the IOC was indeed a highlight!

World Games provided an opportunity to learn new sports as well as learn from fellow Chiropractors and athletes. It was very refreshing to see all work together.  In everyday practice, we often feel we are in competition with each other.  The FICS experience is proof of how much more is accomplished when we choose to work together.

My excitement before the games was more about working with athletes on such worldwide elite stage. The experience changed my view.  The greatest excitement was working with my colleagues. The respect for each other and the determination to provide only the best of care is my real takeaway.

I have the role of FICS chiropractor, Alabama chiropractor, Alabama State Chiropractic Association member and Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiner.  I am proud of my profession and to be part of FICS. I am proud of my State. Our Board of Examiners recently received the outstanding board of the year.  We take what we do seriously for the doctors and the public.

The World Games brought all things together  The world, the country and the State of Alabama witnessed the value of SPORTS CHIROPRACTIC.  Every day in our office, we have parents bringing their student-athletes. They want their children treated to prevent injury!

I also have had several calls about who to see in their area.   The orthopedic group known worldwide as the sports injury place is now sending non-surgery and post-surgery patients to sports Chiropractors. (I love it! Now that is a referral I want!) This is all because the DCs and MDs worked together. The combined efforts resulted in success for the athletes.

Honestly, we all won. We all gave our best in all situations to allow the best for each and everyone we came in contact with.  That is the real VICTORY!

Working with a Break Dance Judge.

Pictured Below: left: Renee Bowen with Giampiero Masi – President Handball Federation 1

Pictured Below Right: Thailand Official at Sloss

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