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Select name of your NCSCSelect Name of your NCSC
Date of Report15/06/2022
Name of your NCSC President:Randolph Dolz
No. of members1
Quarterly period2nd Quarter: April-June
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Part I: Your NCSC Activities

Name person submitting reportRandolph Dolz
1. ACTIVITY: Summary of activity within your NCSC over the last quarter. If there has not been much activity in the last quarter, you may consider including any projects you are working on, issues your NCSC is facing, discussions or growth with which you may like support.

Explanation and socialization meetings with local chiropractors in Chile in relation to the vision and mission of the creation of SOCHIQUIDE as NCSC, to encourage the association of colleagues.

Dissemination to chiropractic colleagues in Chile, of the implementation of the practical Upper Extremity Hand-on module in the month of September in Santiago de Chile.

Work together with the FICS committee, in the planning of the inclusion project in the Pan American Games of Santiago 2023.

Participation as guests to speak at the First Meeting of the Organizing Medical Committee of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games together with Dr. Angela Salcedo, in order to present the project for participation in the games.

Planning of the SOCHIQUIDE project, to generate an agreement with the High Performance Center of Chile, to form a clinic for athletes who reside in the institution's hotel.

CHALLENGES: List any challenges which your NCSC are facing, or your Executives are working to solve. (List N/A if none at this stage)

Seek sponsors that support SOCHIQUIDE, to facilitate access to implements or supplies to carry out service operations at local sporting events.

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Part II: Areas where FICS and your NCSC could collaborate

COLLABORATION: College/Educational Institution with which you have / or are developing relationships with. (If applicable)

Universidad Central de Chile

EVENTS/GAMES: Any contacts you have with International Sporting Federations. Do you need any help from FICS to organise contact with holders of regional/international games? (If applicable)

Medical Director of the 2023 Pan American Games. We are currently working with FICS to generate a collaboration agreement.

COLLABORATION: List any major events/conferences which you have coming up and a event link so FICS can co-promote. (If applicable)

ICSC. Scheduled for September 2022

FOLLOW-UP: Please select any followup you are interested in. FICS will get the respective Commission Chair or your Regional Rep to contact you. (If applicable)Marketing: We would like to discuss support for our NCSC