FICS is supported by eight (8) Commissions which are the tactical/operational units and perform the activities required for the Executive to meet the operational objectives of FICS. They create programs of work to deliver specific outcomes and report directly to the Executive Management Team. To contact any of the Commission Chair below, email: [email protected]

The Commissions role is to:

  • ensure that the highest standards of governance are observed at all times;
  • oversee and monitor planned performance against strategic objectives and targets;
  • ensure the Commission acts in accordance with industry best practices where possible;
  • ensure that it conducts its dealings in an open, responsive and accountable manner;
  • provides expert advice and guidance on matters relevant to the objectives of the Commission; and
  • have regular quarterly meetings to update the ExCo on the activities and performance of the Commission.

Meet our Commission Chairs

Click on the commission below to find out more about their role and the Commission Chair’s name to read more about their background.

The Marketing Commissions’ role is to ensure FICS has the marketing infrastructure to adapt to change and can embrace new technological opportunities by creating innovative ways to share the FICS story on a global stage. We achieve this by:

Keeping you up to date on all things FICS! “Enabling athletes to perform better naturally”

A key mission statement for FICS is being the internationally recognized voice and leader of the specialty of sports chiropractic. The Marketing Commission is responsible for the internal and external communication within FICS, drawing together, and sharing all the news and activities of our members around the world with current and prospective stakeholders.

FICS uses a range of marketing mediums, which include but not limited to, social media platforms, FICS website, quarterly E-News, representation at meetings and events, and volunteers at games internationally, nationally, and locally.

FICS’ mission is to ensure every athlete has access to sports chiropractic and the Marketing Commission’s role is to keep our community updated on what is happening, upcoming opportunities to volunteer, news about professional development and educational updates, as well as local news from around the world. This provides our members, stakeholders, partners, and sponsors with a wider reach, staying connected with all the latest news and events.

This commission works closely with the Executive Management Team – Head of Marketing 

Head of Marketing: Paul Timko, USA

FICS, providing a wider reach globally to ensure every athlete has access to sports chiropractic!

Chair: Mika Janhunen, UK

Vice-Chair: Sanna Svensson, Sweden

Commission Members:
Aidan Kaye – USA
Chanelle Scott-Crossley – South Africa
Shantai Watson – Current Student Scholarship Recipient 2019

Commission News and Updates

The FICS Marketing Commission is working on updating strategies, reviewing branding, new logo, and getting ready to launch the new FICS website.

Sanna Svensson said “We are currently working on three different strategies for the organization, one on marketing, one on communication and the final one on social media. We are in the process of redesigning a logo for FICS, looking at more interactive ways to deliver the quarterly E-news, and in the final stages of the redevelopment of the FICS website. This is an exciting and busy year for the Marketing Commission!”

This Education Commission directs and manages FICS postgraduate sports chiropractic education programs. These include the FICS program of online learning and practical hands-on modules that leads to examinations for the FICS qualification of International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC).

The commission also works with member national councils and affiliated educational institutions to maintain and enhance minimum international standards for postgraduate sports chiropractic education. This work includes the promotion of university-based master’s degree programs and articulation of the ICSC with such programs.

The Education Commission is responsible for:

  • The establishment, maintenance, and management of educational programs provided by FICS, and liaising with FICS members and other interested participants.
  • Assisting in the development of minimum international standards for sports chiropractic education programs including oversight of the ICSC curriculum.

Chair: Christine Foss, USA

Vice-Chair: Beth Antoine, USA

Commission Members:
Tim Stark – USA (immediate past chair)
Brian Nook – USA
Dr. Thomas R. Ventimiglia  – USA
Scott Howitt – Canada
Caroline Poulin – Canada
Kaz Isa – Japan
Kay Pearce – UK
Charmaine Korporaal – South Africa
Steve Smilkstein – South Africa
Umut Yasa – Turkey
Fabien Terrier – France
Ross McIlveen – Australia
Henry Jackson – Current Student Scholarship Recipient 2019

The Finance Commission (FinCom) manages the operational activities associated with FICS finances. The commission’s job is to build the annual budget and to monitor monthly income and expenditure. They work closely with the ExCo and the other commissions in a supporting role to ensure that the organization has the funds available when needed. Most of the commission’s work takes place behind the scenes and is directly involved in developing the FICS organizational infrastructure.

The Finance Commission works closely with the Executive Management Team – Head of Finance and is responsible for:

Head of Finance: Jakki Edwards, USA

  • Directing and monitoring all aspects of FICS finances.
  • Ensuring FICS can meet its financial goals through the oversight of FICS financial matters, including the formation and monitoring of the FICS budget.
  • Developing strategies for the generation of additional sources of revenue.

Chair: Alex Eatly, UK

Vice Chair:

Commission Members:
Brian Nook – USA
Mika Janhunen – UK
Shane Lawlor -Ireland
David Gryfe – Canada

The International Sporting Federation is responsible for the development and maintenance of relationships with International and National sporting bodies and the facilitation of placing volunteers within the designated events. It does this through the International Federation of Sports Committee and the Games Committee.

The ISF Commission will engage in a common set of functions to expand the FICS relationship and agreements with International Sporting Federations and Associations as well as increasing the opportunities for volunteers to participate in regional and international events. These will include:

  • Implementation and cohesive use of the process and procedure document.
  • Identification of key ISF’s to enhance the position and image of FICS within the GAISF family.
  • Actively engage with IMGA and YOG as part of the stepwise process towards Olympic/IOC Accreditation.
  • Develop a relationship with GAISF to include involvement in GAISF Games.
  • Develop relationships with GAISF and associated bodies around community outreach and development projects.
  • Develop an endorsement relationship with WADA and drug-free sport.
  • Encourage and promote the involvement of NCSC’s to engage with National sporting federations as well as Multi-sport regional games organizers like PanAm Games, Commonwealth Games, All African Games, etc.

International Federation of Sports

Responsible for the identification, establishment, and fostering of relationships with international sports federations (IFs) and multisport organizations who have been identified as strategically and/or politically advantageous for FICS’ growth and development towards achieving IOC recognition and full accreditation status at the Olympic Games.

Responsible for the identification of games and events that improve the recognition and position of FICS in the sporting arena.


Games are responsible for the organization, management, selection, and credentialing of FICS teams of volunteer sports chiropractors that have been invited to serve athletes as part or all of the host medical services at major and minor sanctioned international games.

Responsible for the promotion of the benefits of chiropractors to sports medicine teams and athletes at major and minor international games.

Chair: Simon Lawson, South Africa

Games: Tim Ray – USA
IWGA/GAISF Liaison: Brian Nook – USA

Commission Members:
Mercedes D’Acosta (South American & Caribbean Rep) – Mexico
Martin Camara (Asian Rep) – Philippines
Craig Couillard (North American Rep) – USA
Christine Foss (North American Rep) – USA
Lawrence Schledewitz -(North America Rep) – Canada
Jason Fyfer (South Africa Rep) – South Africa
Paul Cheung (Middle Eastern Rep) – UAE
Audrey Yargui (European Rep) – France
Lotte Langhoff (European Rep) – Denmark
David Lourie (Oceania Rep) – Australia
Freya Morgan – Germany (Marketing and Games liasion)

The Membership Commission is dedicated to improving all aspects of the FICS membership experience and is committed to building upon the traditional strengths of what FICS membership offers the sport-focused chiropractor.

The commission was re-established in 2014 under Chair Dr. Martin Isaksson, who transitioned the role to Dr. Nat Akmens in 2017. From an initial group of 3 members, the commission now counts 8 sports chiropractors working on all matters relevant to the FICS membership to ensure national-to-international sports chiropractic is as strong as it can possibly be.

The commission is responsible for the management of current membership and the growth of memberships (Individual and National Chiropractic Sports Council) through:

  • the promotion of FICS, and
  • driving value of FICS via activities that hold member benefit

The Membership Commission handles all new applications to membership and is positioned to help promote and assist any new member in joining FICS directly or through our partnering NCSC’s dotted around the world.

Another key objective of the commission is in the ongoing support for the 26 existing NCSC’s, and in the establishment of new NCSC’s in countries without a dedicated chiropractic sports council.

Any chiropractor who is interested in FICS membership including those wanting to start a new NCSC in a country where one is not currently positioned is encouraged to reach out to FICS administration to begin this process.

Chair: Nathan Akmens, Australia

Vice-Chair: Nicolaas Tjaart Van Der Merwe, South Africa

Commission Members:
Gillian Johnston – South Africa
Mateusz Nowacki – Poland
Martin Isaksson – Sweden
Aleisha Serrano – Puerto Rico
Andrew Parks – Current Student Scholarship Recipient 2019

The Research Commission is responsible for:

  • The promotion and encouragement of research in sports chiropractic and the dissemination of research to FICS members.
  • Fostering and developing research in the area of sports chiropractic by creating a research agenda.
  • Assisting with the development of recommended reading materials in the area of sports chiropractic.
  • Managing the creation of research activities within the FICS membership.

Chair: Henry Pollard, Australia

Commission Members:
Matthew Stevens – Australia
Alexandra Ruhe – Germany
Alex Lee – Canada
Melissa Corso – Canada
Charlène Chéron – France


The Student Commission is responsible for:

  • The creation of opportunities for students interested in sports chiropractic and the dissemination of information relating to education and opportunities.
  • Managing the Student Scholarship Awards

Gillian Johnston – South Africa

Commission Members:
Tanya Higgs – Australia
Kaila Alvarez – USA
Bronwyn Hunt – Canada
Carly Zuehlke – Netherlands
Kelsi Holz – Current Student Scholarship Recipient 2019

The Corporate Social Responsibility Commission was created to drive socially responsible programs through sports chiropractic internationally. The Commission serves to help underserved individuals and communities through outreach in healthcare services and beyond. The Commission also houses the World Olympian Scholarship Program (WOSP). The WOSP serves to connect Olympic athletes from around the world to chiropractic educational programs to help these athletes receive scholarships to participating in programs. Our Commission also serves to provide an ethics policy for providers of sports chiropractic around the globe.

Social Responsibility

FICS is committed to enhancing society internationally. This Commission serves to provide not only sports chiropractic services to underserved communities but also to provide educational programs to assist in sustaining communities worldwide. Formulating strategic partnerships is at the cornerstone of this commission and drives results creating a positive impact for communities worldwide.

World Olympian Scholarship Program:

In the spirit of the Olympic Movement and in partnership with ten of our Chiropractic Institutions, we at FICS are honored to support education for Olympians worldwide by providing the “World Olympian Scholarship Program” to Olympians who are academically qualified and interested in pursuing a career in Chiropractic. Olympians selected for this program will serve as an Ambassador for the Olympic Movement and as an advocate for Chiropractic through how the profession fundamentally enhanced the Olympian’s athletic pursuit.

Currently, there are 10 schools participating in this program, 9 in the US and 1 in Canada and to date 6 schools have signed an MOU with FICS and the Olympian. All offer a full academic scholarship with the exception of the school in Canada, whereby they offer a 1/2 scholarship. We are grateful to all the participating institutions and will continue to approach additional chiropractic institutions to join the 10 now providing scholarships.

To date, a number of Olympians have graduated and are now seeing patients including athletes at the Olympian level. Those graduating are from Jamaica, Australia, Canada, and the US. We have additional potential candidates wishing to enter the program from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


Sports chiropractic ethics are at the forefront of FICS’ values and value proposition. Ethical considerations encompass our strategic partnerships, relationships with other sports and healthcare organizations around the globe, and most certainly in our provider-patient relationships. A copy of our ethics policy can be obtained by e-mail from [email protected].

Chair: Jay Greenstein, DC, USA

Ethics: Todd Reiter, DC, MD – USA
CSR: Phoebe Henry, DC – Australia
WOSP: Brian Seaman, DC – USA

Commission Members:
Angela Salcedo, DC – USA
John Downes, DC – USA
Lorenzo Campagna – Australia

CSR News