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One of FICS major goals in developing relationships with business partners and sponsors, is to provide our members unique opportunities to enhance a sports chiropractic practice. We are proud to partner with like-minded organizations to bring you exclusive discounts on best chiropractic tools and products.  

The below products are used by Chiropractors all around the world. They make you more efficient, improve your service, and ultimately keep you sane! The exclusive discounts we are able to secure for the FICS community are available because of trusted partnerships we have developed with some of our sponsors. Contact us today if you have a product you would like to offer our sports chiropractic community [email protected]

Exercise is Medicine – Dynamic Tape Global

Recommended by FICS

Don’t let pain, injury or age stop you.


Evidence-Based Online Chiropractic Resources

Dynamic Tape Global® provides Biomechanical Taping® products which can be used to modify position & movement patterns, improve function, and reduce strain on overloaded structures. From Neurology to Hand Therapy, our products are trusted by leading clinicians worldwide. We offer 3 different strengths of tape along with PosturePals, our dedicated solution for back posture.

Dynamic Tape is a trusted ally for FICS Sports Chiropratcics working at international events to assist us to empower athletes to achieve their optimal performance naturally.

SUMMARY: Join the ChiroUp community of over 1,000 chiropractors around the world for access to valuable online resources which take your practice to the next level.

ChiroUp flagship service is providing hundreds of customizable  easy to create  print, electronic and video exercise / rehab  protocols for most conditions seen in a chiropractic office.

FREE TRIAL: Sign up for a free trial for 14 days, no credit card, no commitment. To apply for the free trial and get the FICS discount if you decide to sign up to the product click here.


ChiroUp is a membership-based online resource platform that exists to improve clinical outcomes, simplify the way you educate your patients, and then market those outcomes to the people who matter most in your communities. 

It’s an easy to use system which gives you access to valuable resources and materials to: 

  • Review “best practice” evaluation, treatment, & exercises for 100 of the most common patient conditions (comes with video tutorials).
  • Create customizable condition reports for your patients, to improve compliance & satisfaction. 
  • Market your clinical excellence with automatic Google Reviews & MD initial & release reports. 
  • Track your clinical outcomes & patient satisfaction   

PRICING: Starting at $149 USD / month for the basic plan to $249 USD /month for Premium (Premium offers every online resource in the basic plan, with the addition of templates for professionally created social media posts and community e-newsletters).

FICS EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: Use the code “FICS” for $50 USD off your monthly subscription for the first 6 months. ($375 USD savings)

The FICS promotion code will automatically apply the $50 USD discount when making your purchase on the ChiroUp system for the first 6 months and then it will apply a further 10% discount for the remainder of your subscription.

“As a sports chiropractor for almost 40 years, I have tried to find services and products for my patients that are both cutting edge but also are practical to use. I have now been using chiro up for 5 years. I will do an assessment to determine areas that need improved ROM, flexibility, or strength. I then choose from preset protocols or create my own. The information is then put into an easy to use home or gym program for the patient. Bottom line this service has significantly expanded and enhanced the exercise/ rehab portion of my patients while improving compliance.  I highly recommend giving it a test ride. I am confident you will not be disappointed.”

Dr Keith Overland, DC

Summary: Created by engineers and rehab physicians, HYPERICE products are designed to meet the expectations of the world’s best! Our lines of percussion, vibration, thermal and compression therapy can help improve outcomes, increase retention and drive new revenues within your clinic.

Cutting-edge sports medicine and orthopedic devices that prevent injury, accelerate recovery and enhance muscle and joint movement

Hypervolt Plus (with Bluetooth)

Hypervolt Plus (With Bluetooth®) Crazy powerful, still quiet, and now Bluetooth® connected. The Plus delivers 30% more power than the Hypervolt, making it the most powerful percussion massage device in the world.

The Product features a Brushless high-torque 90 W motor; Patented Quiet Glide™ technology; 3 speed settings (30Hz / 40Hz / 53Hz); 5 interchangeable head attachments; 24 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and 3 LED indicators to monitor pressure.

Drive new revenue through retail sales of Hyperice’s in-demand wellness and recovery technology with our new pilot program. As we all adjust to new circumstances, we are proud to
offer your clinic a unique and risk-free opportunity. Reference “FICS” when reaching out to Hyperice for this deal.

“A few years ago I introduced percussion vibration treatments to my patients. It has since become a very popular soft tissue treatment for athletes and the physically active child and adult with injured or sore muscles.

There are many choices on the market but for me, one brand stuck out head and shoulders above the rest:  Hyperice. At this point in time, they are a staple in training rooms.  They are quiet enough for office use and resilient enough for an entire team. Hyperice seems to be consistently upgrading the hypervolt plus being their flagship product, which now comes with blue tooth and longer-lasting rechargeable batteries.

The hypervolt plus is now a go-to staple for my patients. After there first experience they won’t leave the office without a session.”

Dr Keith Overland

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Sponsorship Benefits

Market penetration is a business growth strategy in which your company will execute initiatives to expand your customer base for your products and services within a selected market space. A sponsorship with FICS can provide you with a cost-effective strategy by providing direct access to a large and growing market in the chiropractic profession – sports chiropractors and access to other markets;

  • All chiropractors (who treat athletes and will use products and services used by specialist sports chiropractors);
  • Other health professionals (because sports chiropractors work in interdisciplinary teams);
  • Athletes/patients and teammates/coaches/teachers. The whole sports family
  • Visibility with specialist chiropractors using services/products for performance enhancement /wellness as well as injury prevention and management; and
  • Visibility in high publicity areas of sports.

Please email [email protected] to start the discussion of an endorsement of your product.

Endorsement – Dynamic Tape

Platinum Sponsors will be provided FICS introductions to leaders and students in every country through the FICS National Chiropractic Sports Council (NCSC) members and student council members, and through FICS events. You will have the opportunity to widen your brand with feature articles of your product, logo on clothing, and direct marketing via email distributions.  This level is the highest level of sponsorship and will have access to continual education credits for workshops and seminars. Opportunity to add on any special benefits unique to your organization.

Please email [email protected] to become a Platinum Sponsor.

Gold sponsors will be afforded the opportunity to submit a feature article on their organization or topic of choice and have greater access to FICS members, leaders, and students in every country through the FICS National Chiropractic Sports Council (NCSC) members and student council members, and through FICS events. Growing a business in a competitive and evolving industry is a challenge and finding a differentiator to set your business apart from the rest is what a sponsorship at this level will give you:

  • Supporting the development of the sports chiropractic practice and visibility with access to deliver live workshops;
  • Feature in the Roadshow presentations which FICS deliver in Colleges around the world to students;
  • Creating education, research, and practice opportunities within the sports chiropractic specialty, with continual education credits and other opportunities for partnerships.

Please email [email protected] to become a Gold Sponsor.

Gold Sponsor – Life University

Gold Sponsor – Logan University

Gold Sponsor – Northwestern Health Sciences University

Silver Sponsors will be provided with FICS introductions to leaders and students in every country through the FICS National Chiropractic Sports Council (NCSC) members and student council members, and through FICS events and seminars have the opportunity to provide live workshops.  This package allows you a good mix of branding and market penetration to the FICS members.  Logo in FICS News and logo on the website. Email [email protected] to discuss a Silver Sponsor.

Silver Sponsor – Performance Health

Bronze Sponsors will have the opportunity to increase the recognition of their brand via a range of social media, marketing, and website opportunity. Enjoy access to all FICS events and seminars at a discounted advertisement rate and the opportunity to reach the Sports Chiropractic international membership base with exclusive email promotion.  Logo in FICS News and logo on the websiteEmail [email protected] to discuss a Bronze Sponsor.

Bronze Sponsor & Partner – Snedden Hall and Gallop

Bronze Sponsor – Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU

Bronze Sponsor – Boiron

ENTRY LEVEL SPONSORSHIP. Raise brand awareness and create a positive awareness of your organization within the sports chiropractic membership internationally. This package will enable you to build brand positioning through logo placement and product information. Logo in FICS News and logo on the website. Email [email protected] to discuss a supporter entry-level package.

Supporter – Thumper Massager