IFA Fistball World Championships

July 28 to August 1. 2021
FICS Team:  Dr Freya Moran & Dr Fraser Oakman

It’s been a great start to the week. Despite the rain and the heat, 28 teams of athletes from 10 different nations are here to combine the Women’s, Men’s, and U18 World Championships in this 5-day tournament.  “The training room has been really busy with athletes seeking care both before and after their games, making our jobs fun and challenging,” says Dr Freya Moran, a veteran with the IFA.

Covid testing continues to take place daily to ensure the safety of all the athletes and staff.  Reflecting on his first time volunteering with FICS, Dr Fraser Oakman says, “it’s been great to be part of a team’s mission to go for gold. It’s really been a humbling, rewarding experience.” Dr Oakman graduated in 2017 from RMIT, Australia and was selected to serve as part of the team in Grieskirchen, Austria, celebrating the restart of sports games after an 18 month pause.

As new opportunities open again, FICS looks forward to the applications of its members for the upcoming season, including the CSIT Games in Italy this October. Interested members with an up to date ICSC can find our application on the FICS homepage.

Sincerely submitted
Freya Carmen Moran, D.C., M.S.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Masters in Sports Medicine




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