ICSC Payment Plans


For students in their last year of study or first-year graduates, FICS is offering you the chance to start the online learning modules at a 20% discount off the member’s price of the course. Students must provide evidence of their enrollment into a CCEI educational college to receive the discount. Email [email protected] with proof of enrollment or graduation and we will send you the coupon code.


Everywhere around the world people are faced with multiple challenges which the economic and social impact of Covid-19. Many of FICS members and students are faced with a reduced income however more time and looking at using the time to upskill their knowledge and take online learning. It is also an opportunity to start or complete learning they just did not have the time for, which they now have.

FICS are offering members a number of options to sign into the ICSC online learning and start the program. 32% discount with promotion code. Reach out to [email protected] with your name and contact details and we will send you a promotion code to get started. 

CURRENCY NOTICE: As FICS uses secure Swiss international banking for online transactions, all prices presented below are in Swiss Francs (CHF). It is helpful to note that the international exchange rate is approximately $1.05CHF = $1USD. This may vary slightly depending on the daily exchange rate

ICSC online learning is normally priced $2,500 CHF ($250 per module).
• ICSC01 – Head Injuries in Sport
• ICSC02 – Professional Boundaries Integrity in Sport and Sports Medicine Team
• ICSC03 – Sports Imaging
• ICSC04 – Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries
• ICSC05 – Lower Extremity Injuries in Sport
• ICSC06 – Upper Extremity Injuries in Sport
• ICSC07 – Spine Injuries in Sport
• ICSC08 – Sports Physiology
• ICSC09 – Special Sports Populations
• ICSC01 – International Sports Chiropractor

Deferred Payment Plan

This is an offer that is part of our ongoing effort to help everyone impacted get started with some remote learning. 10 modules for $1,695  (Providing you a 32% discount)

Get started: Email [email protected] with your name and address details so an account can be set up for you. The below offer can only be done in the order listed below. Members can progress at their own pace, contacting FICS admin when you are ready for the next payment.

1. Sign up to deferred payment plan Before 30 June 2020 and register for ICSC01 – Head injury in Sport for $95 USD and you will lock in this discount rate for the next 12 months.  

Purchase the next two modules as you make your way through the learning, paying for one defer payment of the other.

2. ICSC02 & ICSC03 Pay $200 Defer payment of $200 
3. ICSC04 & ICSC05 Pay $200 Defer payment of $200 
4. ICSC06 & ICSC07 Pay $200 Defer payment of $200 

Pay the deferred payment of $600 and get ICSC10 for free. You will then be allowed to purchase the last two modules at $200.00 each.