Executive Council

The Executive Council (ExCo) is responsible for setting the strategy for FICS and monitoring achievement against it. They provide Governance and Financial Oversight of the organisation. The members of the ExCo are liable for the organisation and are bound by the legal and corporate requirements of being a board member.

The ExCo consists of nine Regional Representatives voted in for a four-year term by the General Membership. Nominations for the positions are put forward/received from the Regions after running their own election campaigns.

The Positions of President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President are selected from the nine Regional Representatives immediately following the General Assembly.

Stephen M. Perle

Glen M. Harris

Maria Mercedes D’Acosta

Nathan Akmens

Martin Camara

Mustafa Ağaoğlu

Bradley Sandler

Martin Isaksson

Yngve Rogstadkjærnet