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Quarterly period3rd Quarter: July-Sept
Date of Report12/10/2021
Date of annual meeting27/11/2021
COLLABORATION: College/Educational Institution with which you have / or are developing relationships with. (If applicable)

I am the coordinator of the masters in chiropractic sciences program at the Bahcesehir University of Istanbul. It is a program recognized by the WFC and listed under their directory. I also currently teach there.
I also teach at the Nisantası University of Istanbul masters in chiropractic sciences program.

A colloboration maybe considered between FICS, myself and these institutions.

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Part I: Your NCSC Activities

FOLLOW-UP: Please select any followup you are interested in. FICS will get the respective Commission Chair or your Regional Rep to contact you. (If applicable)Education: Interesting in hosting an ICSC Seminar
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Part II: Areas where FICS and your NCSC could collaborate

EVENTS/GAMES: Any contacts you have with International Sporting Federations. Do you need any help from FICS to organise contact with holders of regional/international games? (If applicable)

Actually, this would be very beneficial for those developing nations and regions. I personally would like to consider this as a project with ISF commission to assist those regions develop.

CHALLENGES: List any challenges which your NCSC are facing, or your Executives are working to solve. (List N/A if none at this stage)

There are four challenges I'd like to make note of.
There are only 5 DCs from abroad who are graduates of accredited chiropractic institutions. Only one of them shows somewhat interest in sports chiropractic. The rest of the group doesn't show interest in sports chiropractic. They maintain their membership only to support the NCSC and to show a bigger body of appearance in pursuit of getting chiropractic regulation.

The second challenge is some of the graduates of the Bahcesehir University Masters in Chiropractic Sciences program do show interest however they are also discouraged to join the NCSC because the program is not accredited by ECCE just yet and that they really won't be getting much in return if they should become members.

The third challenge would of financial issues. The Turkish currency to Euro, US dollars, and Swiss Franc isn't encouraging. Those who show interest are undermined by status and money well-spent dilemmas.

The fourth challenge would be the lack of national chiropractic regulation and very restricted space to practice discourages those to spend extra dollars investing in knowledge and memberships but not being able to fully make use of it.

1. ACTIVITY: Summary of activity within your NCSC over the last quarter. If there has not been much activity in the last quarter, you may consider including any projects you are working on, issues your NCSC is facing, discussions or growth with which you may like support.

Due to the pandemic, the freedom of movement inter provinces is extremely limited. The sporting events have been very limited at the amateur level. Only professional leagues have been active with restrictions.

Recently I have been taking care of the Turkish national springboard and platform diving team. The head coach and the director of the team is my patient and he greatly values chiropractic care. Under his supervision, the team attended the European diving Championships for the first time in their history over summer 2021 in Croatia. Also very recently 5 members of the team made the cut-off points to attend the World Diving Championships.

I look forward to attending the team as long as I can. I seek to further strengthen relationships using this opportunity.

Name of your NCSC President:Mustafa Agaoglu
OPPORTUNITIES: List any opportunities which you may like FICS to help support or promote. (If applicable)

See above

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