The Golf Athlete  

Dr Shane Lawlor, DC, ICSC

This masterclass on ‘Performance Therapy for the Golfing Athlete’ provides a journey through the golfing athlete’s body. Golf is an ideal sport for many. Golf is typically perceived as a low-risk sport when it comes to injuries, but many golfers experience pain or overuse injuries whether they are professional, casual or amateur golfers. Golf should be enjoyable, not painful! The good news is many of these conditions can be treated non-surgically. This masterclass will improve your management of the amateur golfer in your clinical practice. 


Dr Lawlor will talk about his experience working with golfing athletes.  The presentation gives an introduction to golf biomechanics, screening and manual therapy approach for common golf-related injuries. Shane shares his wealth of experience as well as many clinical pearls from working with amateur and elite golfers over 13 years while incorporating the latest golf research.



Physical demands on the golfing athlete


Assessment tools for the golfers neck, back and wrist


Management of amateur golfer

Course Outcome

  • To give an understanding of biomechanics and physical demands of golf
  • How to assess and treat golf-related injuries of the back, neck and wrist
  • Improving your management of the amateur golfer in clinical practice

2 hour class – 95.00

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