Sports Chiropractic Foundation

Every Athlete Deserves Access to Sport Chiropractic

Your support assists this charity in providing scholarships for chiropractic students, volunteer doctors at international sporting events, and sports chiropractic research. Becoming involved means you share the vision that every athlete deserves access to sports chiropractic.

Supporting Sports Chiropractic Initiative and growth on the globally.

Vision: Every Athlete Deserves Access to Sport Chiropractic

For more than 30 years, volunteers from across the globe have worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life, and we have seen consistent growth in the utilization of Doctor of Chiropractic on the fields and courts of sporting venues across the world.

Today it is more important than ever to make the naturally focused approach of sports chiropractors available and accessible to athletes with injuries and all those who wish to improve their performance. Your generous contribution will help us further this vision by supporting student scholarships, volunteer doctors at international games, and furthering sports chiropractic research on a global scale. Thank you!

Charity Objectives

Furthering the vision that “Every Athlete Deserves Access to Sports Chiropractic”.

This Foundation supports student scholarships, volunteers at international sporting events, and sports chiropractic research. The Foundation trustees may determine a donation to other sports chiropractic initiatives which directly support the vision of the charity.

Your donation will be allocated towards the following causes:

Student Scholarships

Student Scholarships:
We believe that investment in today’s graduating students is an investment in the future of sports chiropractic, and for this reason, FICS provides a range of support services to students to assist them in their final year of study.

The objective of these funds will be to facilitate a range of scholarships for chiropractic students to undertake continual education, training and mentoring programs that improve their ability to lead and work with athletes.

Working closely with our global partnering universities, which have chiropractic programs recognised by the Councils on Chiropractic Education International (CCEI), the charity mission is to make scholarships available to all chiropractic students. These include financial assistance for tuition fees, postgraduate education, specialised mentoring services, and working experience within sports chiropractic.

Olympic Scholarships:
In the spirit of the Olympic Movement and in partnership with ten Educational Institutions, the Olympic Scholarship Program provides educational support for Olympians worldwide who are academically qualified and interested in pursuing a career in Chiropractic. In partnership with selected Universities with a chiropractic program, this scholarship provides full or half academic scholarships to successful Olympians. 

The 2021 student scholarship recipients talk about their first impression of FICS and their journey as they make the transition from College into full-time clinic. Dr Johnston talks about the opportunities for students and the mentoring program which FICS has established to support students growth. Click to play video below.

Dr Gillian Johnston, FICS Student Commission Chair with 2021 scholarship reccipients

Access to Sports Chiropractic Care at International Events

In line with our vision of making sports chiropractic available and accessible to every athlete, the objectives of these funds will be to support certain expenses incurred by sports chiropractic volunteers at a games event. As determined by the Charity and review of the volunteer’s application, financial contributions of under 1,000 £ may be provided per volunteer, attending international events which FICS have a sports chiropractic delegation.

This will be a one-off payment to support the volunteer’s out-of-pocket expenses, where they will be providing their services to athletes as a volunteer for an event. Payments are not used for any loss of practice time incurred by the volunteer, time spent at the games, or other services which they may offer.  All volunteers selected and attending international games events do so with no monetary payment for their time. This is an investment in support of the International Federations, the athletes, coaches and officials to have access to sports chiropractic care.

Contributions will only be made once the volunteer has worked at the event. Special consideration for contribution to be provided before an event will be considered. The decision to award funds prior to service at games will be at the discretion of the charity trustee.

The experience of volunteering at international games and events isn’t just about watching the Games, mingling with the athletes or thriving on the positive vibes that the event exudes from every pore. Taking part is as much about cultural-exchange and helping athletes perform naturally, as it is about the event.

Drs Lisa Goodman, Mindy Mar and Carly Zuenlke talk about their experience volunteering at international games.

Sports Chiropractic Research

The objective of these funds is to encourage and support researchers with novel ideas with seed funding that targets the research goals of sports chiropractic. These funds will facilitate support for small research grants/projects, which will contribute to the short, medium and long term goals of establishing a robust evidence base for sports chiropractic internationally.

An application that outlines the proposed targeted use of the funds will be required before any funding is allocated. Successful applicants will be required to provide an itemised and justified report on how those funds have been expended and how they have addressed the targeted research priorities. 

– A report to the charity on the use and outcomes of their funding will be required periodically.

– Additionally, the recipient of the funds will be required to fulfil any publication requirements as set by the Foundation research guidelines. 

Fostering and developing research. These funds will achieve this by promoting evidence-based research to describe the role of sports chiropractic in athlete care.

Dr Henry Pollard: How to write a case paper report.