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FICS Educational Institutions which have a chiropractic program are putting their support behind strengthening the efforts to grow sports chiropractic globally. FICS and the educational institutions work together to create a strong, cohesive voice for the acknowledgment of the education and research of the profession of sports chiropractors on the global stage.


FICS is the leading global organization providing equitable access to sports chiropractic care, education, mentoring, and research to all athletes and sports chiropractors regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

FICS works closely with our Educational Institutions to enhance and widen opportunities for chiropractic students. This provides students and faculty with further opportunities for collaboration, networking, and resources.

While Educational Institutions involved with FICS gain international connections and exposure, their students truly benefit from the wide access to and the wealth of resources from the global leaders in sports chiropractic.. Furthermore, the connection and coordination between FICS and Educational Institutions will only enhance the unified voice for current and future sports chiropractors around the world

Educational Institutions Membership

One of the key activities of FICS is the provision of sports chiropractic services at international events. This enables the organization to achieve our vision of providing access to sports chiropractic for all athletes. It is our aim to ensure that all athletes can perform at their optimum levels drug-free. To help with our vision FICS continually seeks to develop and attract new members whether this is through our partner National Chiropractic Sporting Councils (NCSC), chiropractic teaching institutions, or commercial organizations across the globe.

FICS Educational Institutions members strengthen the efforts to grow sports chiropractic globally. FICS and the Educational Institutions work together to create a strong, cohesive voice for the acknowledgment of the education and research of the profession of sports chiropractors on the global stage.

Educational Institution dues – 1,000 CHF (Swiss franc) 

CURRENCY: It is helpful to know that 1 CHF (Swiss franc) = approx. 1.10 USD \\ 0.92 EUR \\ 0.82 GBR \\ 1.5 AUD * check the currency of the day for accurate conversion. Organizations wishing to pay in Euro or USD can do so via bank transfer details which FICS will provide at the time of invoicing. Contact us for more information on how we can support your student body and get you started today. 

This registration provides full access to FICS membership benefits and the registration of a student council.

  • Full FICS membership benefits for all enrolled University/ College students and faculty
  • International connections and exposure, with logos and links to their University/ College websites distributed via an email blast once a year to all of the FICS global networks. This provides the opportunity for these Educational Institutions a wider reach to connect with potential students, researchers, donors and sponsors, as well as like-minded professionals and academics
  • Participation in any FICS symposiums and/or expos as an exhibitor, with subsidized fees (10% discount)
  • Exposure and influence on FICS social media platforms, FICS mainstream Facebook and Instagram to advertise educational programs relevant to chiropractic twice a year.
  • Exposure and influence in FICS quarterly E-News. Educational institutions can contribute to post-graduate educational events and publications relevant to the sports chiropractic community. These online newsletters are circulated to members across 26 countries. 
  • Student scholarships. Five scholarships are awarded per year, with additional consideration given to students from member organisations.
  • FICS Roadshow and support for extracurricular sports chiropractic programs (club). FICS organized speakers to present to the student body (digital or live) the world of sports chiropractic and working at international events. 
  • FICS online Continual Education (CE) courses are available for University / College postgraduate students.
  • Access to FICS International Mentoring Program open to FICS full and student members.
  • FICS assistance setting up a FICS Student Sports Club within the student council.
  • FICS Student Sports Club Facebook/Instagram live stream. FICS speakers are available to talk to students and or faculty via live stream. Available once a quarter.  
  • Opportunity for research and data collection. Full and student members can apply to be included in delegations at events researching sports chiropractic.
Educational Institution - Membership & Sponsorship

Educational Institutions’ sponsorship with FICS can help to enhance and widen opportunities for your chiropractic students. This is separate from the membership and provides you with further opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Events: Internships at International games and events. FICS qualified chiropractors are given priority at these events, however, at designated events, there may be an opportunity for other school affiliated volunteers to attend.  

Collaboration: Continual Education (CE) partnerships. Collaboration in the development of shared revenue partnerships for recognition of FICS International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) Program.

Sponsors get additional recognition and exposure in the FICS media platforms.  Publications within FICS E-News are circulated to members and sports chiropractors within the international community across 26 countries (3,702 organic followers). Due to FICS’ highly defined and engaged demographic the FICS Facebook posts record on average a click-through of 9.35% (The average industry standard click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ranges from 0.5% to 1.6%. Where you have a targeted audience, 2% is considered to be a strong CTR).  

Contact us for more information on how we can tailor a sponsorship package or program to ensure your student and faculty get the maximum return on your dollar.   (M) Master 3,200 CHF              (C) Champion Level 9,100 CHF

Mentoring Program: Guaranteed student placement in the FICS International Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Program will enhance the academic learning and aid in the moulding of the student into a well-rounded professional with a global awareness in the specialty of sports chiropractic. Attaining these skills will provide improved employability, enhanced networking skills, and professional growth for the students’ post-graduation.

Student Club:  Contact us for more information on how we can support your student body and get you started.

Educational Institutions - FICS Membership

Educational Institutions - FICS Membership



Canada – Université du Québec á Trois-Rivières

USA – Life University

USA – Logan University

USA – Northwestern-Health-Sciences-University

USA – University of Western State

USA – Palmer University

USA – Parker University

USA – Northeast College of Health Sciences (formally known as New York Chiropractic College)