Introduction to clinical biomechanics and the etiology of sports injuries


Using throwing as an example we will cover some of the common biomechanical mechanisms behind sports injuries and talk about where and how we as chiropractors may intervene. To better understand the etiology as well as the challenges predicting and preventing sports injuries, I will also introduce the basics of Complex Systems Theory. We will talk about risk factors for injuries and explore the practical value of published risk statistics for the field practitioner. The format prevents an in-depth explanation of any of these topics, instead the lecture is intended as an introduction to the complexity of factors interacting as sports injuries develop and to provide a framework for thinking in sports medicine.

Dr Alexander Ruhe
MChiro, MSc (US), MMEd, PhD (Clin Biomech)

Alex is working in private practice since graduating from AECC in 2007. Since then, he completed Masters degrees in Sonography and Medical Education as well as a PhD in Clinical Biomechanics. His doctoral studies were concerned with the effect of pain on human posture and postural stability. At a national level he is involved as team chiropractor with both professional ice hockey and soccer teams for more than a decade, his responsibilities include providing ultrasound diagnostics. Since taking office as general secretary of the German Sports Chiropractic Council in 2008, he continues to promote and establish sports chiropractic services in recreational and professional sports. In addition to his work in clinic he lectures nationally and internationally on topics such as biomechanics and sports medicine. Alex is also engaged in inter-disciplinary research projects and author of peer-reviewed scientific publications on various topics.



common biomechanical mechanisms behind sports injuries


Explore the practical value of published risk statistics

Course Outcome

  • Participants will develop a basic understanding of throwing biomechanics and how and why injuries may develop at different stages
  • Participants will be able to better understand the non-linear, complex etiology of sports injuries
  • Participants will appreciate the challenges predicting and preventing sports injuries


1 hour class – 45.00

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