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Access to the latest news, sports chiropractic learning and education, opportunity to attend international games whilst building your personal brand and widen your networks.  



There are 2 ways to become a member of FICS, one is through individual membership and the other is via joining a member NCSC. FICS has a significant international membership base that includes our 26 current NCSC’s along with several educational institutions and affiliated organisations. By joining your local NCSC you will automatically gain membership with FICS and therefore I just want to confirm whether you wanted to process with this application of Individual membership with FICS or whether you would like the details of your local NCSC to join up with them, remembering that this will also give you membership with FICS. 

Joining your local NCSC will provide you the added benefit of attending your local events at your NCSC members rates along with full FICS membership benefits, whilst strengthening your networks within your local region.

To locate your nearest NCSC – go to the NCSC page 

Process for registration as an individual member with FICS

Individual membership with FICS is 125 CHF (Swiss Franc) per calendar year.
CURRENCY: It is helpful to know that 1 CHF swiss franc =1.10 USD 0.92 EUR \ 0.82 GBR \ 1.5 AUD * check currency of day for accurate conversion. FICS main currency is swiss franc (CHF). Exchange rate fluctuations for international payments are constant and unavoidable. FICS has no control over the fluctuation of the currency rate and takes no responsibility for any variances in currency or bank fees incurred by the participant at the time of payment. 

Payment methods include credit card or direct fund transfer into CHF, USD or EUR accounts. Use the form below to submit your request for membership. Please allow up to 14 working days for references to be checked and the application processed. We look forward to welcoming you aboard. 

Your FICS membership guarantees:
• Discounted rates at FICS seminars and events;
• Immediate access to FICS educational offerings;
• Ability to attend international games (ICSC completion pending) to work on elite athletes;
• Access to discounts from our sponsors;
• Ability to participate in the shaping of sports chiropractic globally; and
• Joining a global network of sports chiropractors.

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