V2_2022 Culture Diversity (ICSC09)

It is essential that all chiropractors treating athletes keep up-to-date with the latest assessment within this field and experience working with a wide range of athletes.

This course was updated in 2022 and will review the current challenges in achieving gender equality in sport. 

Reviewing the biological differences of gender and how this may affect performance in sport.  Injury differences of gender will be covered and discussed as it pertains to injury assessment skills.  Additionally, what are the problems addressing gender equity and how can we as healthcare professionals help achieve gender equality/equity.


Paralympic Athletes


Female athletes


Transgender athletes


Senior athletes


Pediatric athletes

Course Outcome

  • Gain an overview of gender issues in sport
  • Understand common gender equality issues in sport
  • Gain knowledge of how best to include gender-neutral language
  • Gain knowledge of how to foster inclusiveness for all persons
  • Gain knowledge of how to foster gender equity
  • Discuss the biopsychosocial model and how it influences the professional-elite athlete’s health.

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