Special Sport Populations Course (ICSC09)

It is essential that all chiropractors treating athletes keep up-to-date with the latest assessment within this field and experience working with a wide range of athletes.

This course will cover special sports populations including Paralympic athletes, female athletes, transgender athletes, senior athletes, pediatric athletes. This course will also discuss sports nutrition and hydration as well as special sports conditions including sports hernia and sports dermatology. Finally, mental performance in athletics will be discussed.

This course will cover special sports populations including:


Paralympic athletes


Female athletes


Transgender athletes


Senior athletes


Pediatric athletes

Course Outcome

1. Understand various aspects of sports nutrition including nutritional support for athletes with diabetes, sports nutrition, hydration in sport, and applications of herbs in sport.

2. Define the transgender athlete and discuss the participation of the transgender athlete in sports.

3. Develop an understanding of the special requirements for Paralympic athletes and describe the treatment of Paralympic athletes in sports.

4. Develop an understanding of special consideration when working with pediatric, female, and senior athletes.

5. Describe mental skills that will aid an athlete with their mental performance in athletics.

6. Define sports hernia and sports dermatology and describe the treatment of each condition in sport.

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