Emergency Procedures for the Sports Chiropractor (ICSC04)

Through research, we improve the diagnosis and management of concussive episodes and it is important that all chiropractors treating athletes keep up-to-date with the latest assessment within this field. 

The purpose of this course is to provide doctors of chiropractic with training in the functional evaluation, restorative treatment and active management of sport-related injuries to the spine and extremities. When completing the course, you should have a high level understanding of the following:


Role of therapeutic exercise with sports related injuries


Foundational appreciation of functional testing of the spine, and extremities


Basic application for rehabilitation


Rhabdomyolysis which is a common and potentially fatal condition encountered by athletic trainers, coaches, primary care physicians and sports medicine physicians.

Course Outcome

1. Identify and perform the tasks required to act as a team physician (on-field) and/or a sports physician (in-office).

2. Be able to identify, triage and manage sports-related injuries on an emergent on field basis as well as in a non-emergent office setting.

3. Understand proper protocols in the care of the injured athlete in a trauma situation.

4. Understand the physical demand and physiological responses resulting in exertional rhabdomyolysis.

5. Be able to identify the signs and symptoms of athletes exhibiting exertional rhabdomyolysis.

6. Understand the proper steps in the treatment for these athletes.

7. Understand a practitioner’s role in mitigating exertional rhabdomyolysis in an athletic population.

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