ICSC Program Overview

The International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) is a fully owned FICS certification that enables Sports Chiropractors that are members of an affiliated NCSC or an individual member to attend International Federation Games where FICS has been invited to provide Sports Chiropractic care.

FICS has partnerships with over 26 International Sporting Federations and supports multi-sport events and other GAISF members with their events.  We provide volunteer qualified sports chiropractors to provide care to all athletes and accredited officials at the World Games, CSIT, GAISF World Games and multiple International Federations world championships and other events.

It is critical that all doctors who are working at International games as part of the FICS team have updated knowledge of head injuries, presentations, and understanding of prolonged symptoms, complications, and sport regulations. The head trauma and concussion management E-Learning module, which FICS offer, is required to be updated every two years. The study of the effects of head injuries is constantly evolving. As we all know a concussion is common in many sports and recreational activities.

The entire ICSC e-learning program is housed in the FICS learning environment so that FICS, Eduction Content Review Team can make regular updates to the content to ensure it represents best practice and is current at all times, without any further name changes to the accreditation.

It is mandatory to have an ICSC and be a member of FICS, to be selected for a FICS team appointed to an international event. This is necessary to assure the International Federation Games organizers and the athletes that all doctors on the team, working in the polyclinics, are properly qualified and experienced, and to promote the professionalism and future of sports chiropractic. This is what differentiates FICS members from other attending professionals.

Those members who hold a postdoctoral sports-specific chiropractic accreditation may request a review of credentials for consideration. More information can be found in the ICSC information manual or by sending a copy of your degree/accreditation along with your transcript to [email protected]

More information and resources visit the euducation webpage https://fics.sport/education/

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You join a truly worldwide movement and are spreading the benefits of sports chiropractic to even more corners of the world, showing the role which, Sports Chiropractors play in supporting athletes.

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