Dr Robert Reid

Dr. Robert Reid 

MBBS, Dip. Sports Med, FACSP, FASMF,
AM (“AM” Member of the order of Australia for service to sports medicine)

After completing his medical cause and to use it to the hospital and for using West Germany, Dr. Reid went to the London Hospital Medical College to complete a Diploma in Sports Medicine. This was followed by three years in corporate health and exercise physiology at City Health Care.

He returned to Australia in 1988 and from 1989/1990 was a Sports Physician at the Australian Institute of Sport.

  • He is one of the inaugural Fellows of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians.
  • Worked with hockey, basketball, football (soccer), rugby union, netball, rowing, ice hockey, figure
    skating, and running.
  • Has a wide interest in how things work (whatever the theory), and this spills over into his practice in
    sports medicine.
  • Fellow of SMA (ASMF),
  • Past President of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) – Canberra
  • Immediate past board member of the National Board of SMA a position which he served within from
    over 10 years.
  • Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine in the UK.

Dr Reid has always worked extremely closely with professionals of all disciplines: from soft tissue therapists to orthopaedic surgeons; from acupuncturists to chiropractors. Although he has not been trained in all of these disciplines, he is a great believer in the team approach, and tries to understand how all of these disciplines can work together to be able to provide the best treatment for patients. Dr Reid has worked all over the world at many different levels with many different sports.


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Monash U, 1978)
Diploma of Sports Medicine (London, 1986)
Fellow, Australasian College of Sports Physicians
Fellow, Australian Sports Medicine Federation

Current Professional Positions:

Sports Physician (Doctor) – Private Practitioner,
Director of Canberra Sports Medicine
1995 – present
Sports Medicine Australia – National Board Member 2003 – 2018
Sports Medicine Australia ACT Branch Board Member 1989 – current
President SMA ACT 2003-2007
Vice President SMA ACT 2007-2017
Sports Physician – ACT Academy of Sport 1993 – 2010
Member, Technical Advisory Panel – ACT Academy of Sport 2002 – 2010
Chief Medical Officer – Ice Skating Australia 2003 – 2010
  • Involved with figure skating since 1995 when his daughter (then aged 3) started to take lessons. She is still participating in the sport competitively and has reached Novice level with the goal of representing Australia Internationally.
  • Medically, Dr. Reid treated the majority of the figure skating injuries locally and was asked to consult on many of the problems that other National level skaters around Australia where having.
  • Since 2003 he was actively involved within Ice Skating Australia as a Medical Advisor and Team Doctor. Within the ACT (our local State) he educated the skaters in Anti-doping matters and work closely with the Australian Sports Drug Agency.
Chief Medical Officer – Ice Hockey Australia 2005 – present
Chief Medical Officer – Rally of Canberra, FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship Round 1991 – 2008
Club Doctor – Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union Football Club 1994 – present
Club Doctor – Canberra Knights Ice Hockey Team 1994 – 2003 & 2005 – present

Canberra Institute of Technology:

Medical Representative, Faulty of Science & Technology Advisory Committee 2005 – present
Medical Member, Program Reference Group – Advanced Diploma of Soft Tissue
(Massage) Therapy
1995 – present
Medical Member, Program Reference Group – Diploma in Eastern Massage 2001 – present

Community Lecturer:

Dr Reid gives of his time freely and lecturers at Sports Medicine community courses at little or no charge to ensure that the people working within the sporting clubs providing care to the athletes are able to access affordable up to date information. Dr Reid has worked tirelessly over the past 24 years to help SMA shape and build quality educational courses which see the professional members putting back into the community. His skill set and passion has been a driving force for his colleagues to participate in this community program.

Sports Medicine Australia Community Education Program:
             Sports Trainers’ Courses 1990 – present
             Sporting groups and schools short talks and seminars 1990 – present
Sports Medicine Australia Professional Members talks and Conferences 1990 – present
Canberra Institute of Technology Soft Tissue Therapy Course 1995 – present
Australian Sports Drug Agency lectures to General Practitioners (doctors) 1998 – present
South East Region Division of General Practitioners 2002 – present

Past Positions Held:

  • ACROMS Used:
  • (AIS) Australian Institute of Sport
  • (ASC) – Australian Sports Commission
  • (NHMRC) – National Health and Medical Research Council
  • (SLSA) Surf Life Saving Association of Australia
  • (SMA) Sports Medicine Australia
  • (ASMF) Australian Sports Medicine Federation


President, SMA Canberra Australia 91-94, 96-98, 2002-2006
Patroller – SLSA Victorian Branch 1973 – 1980
Member – Victorian Medical Board, SLSA 1979 – 1980
Consultant Sports Physician – AIS 1989 – 1990
Consultant Sports Physician – Southern Sports Centre, Canberra 1990 – 1995 Team Medical
Officer – AIS Netball Team Trinidad Tour 1989
Team Medical Officer – Australian Under 21 Rugby Union Football Team Australian Tour 1990
Team Medical Officer – Canberra Capitals Women’s Basketball Team 1989 – 1993
Team Medical Officer – Canberra Deakin Soccer Club 1992 — 1994
Member – AIS/ASC Drugs in Sport Policy Formulation Committee 1990
Lecturer in Sports Medicine – The Canberra Hospital Intern Program 1991 – 2000
Medical Officer – Australian Safari Rally 1991
           Core Panel Member – NHMRC Injuries in Boxing White Paper 1992
Core Panel Member – NHMRC, Head and Neck Injuries in Football White Paper 1994
Team Doctor – Australian Ice Hockey Federation Youth Team Pool C Competition, China 1994
Sports Physician – Sydney Olympics 2000, Canberra (Soccer) 2000
Team Doctor – Australian Ice Skating Team, Four Continents Competition, Korea 2003
West Germany
Doctor – Canadian Forces Hospital, West Germany 1982 – 1985
Patroller – Canadian Ski Patrol System (CSPS) 1982 – 1985
President – CSPS Schwarzwald Zone 1983 – 1985
Lecturer – CSPS Schwarzwald Zone 1983 – 1985
Member – Bergwacht Schwarzwald 1983 – 1985
Sports Physician – Crystal Palace Sports Centre 1986 – 1988
Honorary Medical Officer – The Hockey Association (England) 1986 – 1988
Medical Officer and Drug Testing Officer -1986 Hockey World Cup 1986
Chief Medical Officer – City Health Care, London 1986 – 1988
Lecturer – North East London Polytechnic – Fitness Trainers Diploma 1986 – 1988
Medical Officer – HA Cup, England 1986 – 1988
Medical Officer – Great Britain Hockey Team Tour, Ipoh, Malaysia 1988
Medical Advisor – Wimbledon FC 1987-1988
Professional Education and Papers:
“Side-effects of Local Glucocorticoid Injections” ASMF Conference 1991
Emergency Management of Severe Trauma Course 1994, 2000
Co- Author – “Take Care of Yourself in Australia” 1994, 1999
Chapter Author – Epilepsy in Sport in “Science and Medicine in Sport” 1995
Co-Author “Central Stability” Article 2003 -present
URSA Osteopathic Course in Back and Pelvic Mechanics 1990
Concussion Management – ASMF Regional Conference 2005
On Field Injury Management Course – ASMF Conference 2006