Want a short course or workshop in your area

FICS has members all around the world who are available to give their time to students to deliver short workshops in the latest techniques and hands-on applications.

Contact us: Email [email protected] if you would like to host a short half-day workshop.


February 2020 FICS held a workshop for the students at Murdoch University, Perth Australia on the art of assessment of the athlete. Here is what they had to say about the workshop.

Feedback from Student Corey Rodger, Murdoch University “First of all big thanks to Dr. Isaksson and Dr. Lourie for their time and providing some valuable insight into the world of sports chiropractic at no expense!”Personally I found the workshop informative and interesting and I find it very motivating when interacting with chiropractors such as Dr. Isaksson and Dr. Lourie who are very passionate about the profession and obviously love what they do and are driven to get results with their patients and not simply ‘run a business’.

I specifically enjoyed learning about the pain science/kinematics and biomechanics when addressing an athlete in regard to their sport and in observation. Much of the content opened my thought process up to many more aspects that need to be taken into account when working with patients and not just addressing the aspect of their pain. At Murdoch, it seems we are taught much of how things work but not the why and how to apply theory into practice. I would very much like further workshops to learn more about the observation of athletes and understanding what we are looking for and why it’s significant to treating the athlete and the outcome that can be controlled.

Further workshops to consolidate on and apply the learning from the initial workshop and future ones if so would be fantastic as I believe any opportunity to learn from 2 very experienced chiropractors will be of massive benefit to developing my learning and ability to treat the human body. I know Dr. Lourie plans on running fortnightly adjusting workshops at the Kelmscott clinic which would be interesting if we could use them to apply what we learn in the workshops from weekends, but that’s just food for thought. I also spoke with a couple of students from Murdoch that were unaware of the workshop but were very interested, so I believe if there are future workshops that there is a good chance that more students would show which is good for the profession.
Much thanks, Corey Rogers