Volunteering at International Games

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The majority of International Sport events are still in a holding pattern at this point. International Federations are planning for a return to sporting events when it is safe to do so hopefully in 2021/2022. FICS are expecting to see a return to planned events in 2021 but event calendars are still unavailable for most international sports events. The gradual lifting of travel measures will take some time and FICS will be looking to manage this by using local doctors at events where available. 

Volunteering at Games as part of the FICS Sports Chiropractic team brings with it many rewards. The experience of volunteering at international games and events isn’t just about watching the Games, mingling with the athletes or thriving on the positive vibes that the event exudes from every pore. Taking part is as much about cultural-exchange and helping athletes perform naturally, as it is about the event.

Your time as a volunteer at games has many rewards:
Comradery – Multisport injuries – International Games – International Athletes – Generosity – Gratitude
from athletes/event organizers/other professions working at games. You join a truly worldwide movement and are spreading the benefits of sports chiropractic to even more corners of the world, showing the role which, we play in supporting athletes. To Volunteer, please note that you must have completed your ICSC designation in order to qualify to serve on any FICS team. Applications and expressions of interest should be sent to Games@ficsport.org Team selection and event preparation will start 4-6 months prior to the event so please get your applications in asap.

Any queries regarding events or seeking partnerships with FICS to place a team at your event should be addressed to International Sports Federations Commission Chair, Dr Simon Lawson ISFC@ficsport.org

Games Terms and Condition Policies for FICS Teams

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