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Through research, we improve the diagnosis and management of concussive episodes and it is important that all chiropractors treating athletes keep up-to-date with the latest assessment within this field.

Dr. Silverman shares his enhanced nutritional and supplementation recommendations, functional assessments, breakthrough treatments for musculoskeletal injuries, and other new techniques that will help you attain superior clinical outcomes.


Dr Rob's Nutritional take on the research. A sports nutrition expert, leads you through an integrative approach to sports nutrition treatment.


Spine care and thins which support overall Musculoskeletal Integrity


Dr Robert Silverman will present twenty years of study, exploring the athlete and how nutrition and the immune function is the backbone for their performance in sport.

Always remember the athlete. They are always training; no real chance to feel the “pain of tissue injury”; pain isn’t felt during periods of high movement load and peak output; add stress and the result is disaster; the physical demands on athletes have never been higher; and athletes need to recover and rehab faster.

What can we do? We will explore the injury cycle; the gut matrix; chronic intestinal inflammation; the impact of concussion on the gut-brain axis; and a look into the future.

This presentation, suitable for students and experienced practitioners alike, explores how body systems interact, the role of the CNS in athletic performance, the latest research in the bidirectional gut-brain axis, and the crucial role of nutrition and gut health in treating concussion. You’ll learn how to use leading-edge science to improve health and sports performance. Dr. Silverman’s experience and insights make this webinar ideal for practitioners who already work within the realm of sports injuries and sports nutrition and for those who want to integrate these areas into their practice.

Join Dr. Silverman for an exciting presentation that will help you incorporate nutritional protocols into a clinically effective, implementable, and financially rewarding system—one you can apply immediately to take your practice to a new level.


Injury Cycle - based on muscle imbalance to pain and inflammation


Gaining a competitive edge in sports nutrition and performance.

Course Outcome

Key Clinical Takeaways:

  • Connect gut/immune system to the brain for better management of concussion
  • Clinical breakthroughs in the nutritional treatment of sports injuries
  • Gain new insights to restoring pH balance and detoxification for peak athletic performance
  • Learn how to develop a sports practice
  • Elucidate the gut’s effect on sports performance

Give your patients the competitive edge in sports nutrition and performance. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take your practice to the next level.

2 hour class – 95.00

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