National Chiropractic Sports Councils, Sports Chiropractors, Students, Educational Institutions, and affiliated organisations join FICS as members to support the goal of FICS to promote and grow sports chiropractic globally with consistent standards of education and chiropractic care to athletes globally. They become members not only for the tangible benefits they receive but to also help provide resources to achieve this goal.

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The benefits of becoming a FICS member include:

  • Quarterly magazine on FICS activities and sporting chiropractic developments.
  • Acknowledgement of support in FICS publications, social media, and at meetings and events globally.
  • Members rates for the International Certificate of Sport Chiropractic.
  • Priority notice of FICS meetings and events.
  • Members early bird and discount rates for events and seminars.
  • Listing on the FICS web site.
  • A FICS membership certificate.
  • Appropriate use of the FICS logo in your own advertising.

The greatest benefit of becoming a member of FICS is knowing that you are supporting the advancement and acceptance of sports chiropractic globally.

Members’ Obligations
The obligations of members include:

  • Punctual payment of annual dues.
  • To comply with, and ensure that their members comply with, the Statutes, codes of ethics and conduct, and all other policies adopted by FICS.
  • To promote knowledge of and active interest in the goals and activities of FICS, including the dissemination of information about FICS’s activities to their membership.
  • To inform FICS of any events or developments in the member’s country that may be of significance to FICS.
  • To reply to all communications from FICS in a timely manner.

Applications for New Membership:

Ordinary Membership

Applications for admission to ordinary membership shall be submitted in writing, at least three (3) months prior to the commencement date of the next General Assembly if the application is to be considered at that Assembly and shall be accompanied by a complete list of the applicant’s members. There shall be no more than one (1) ordinary member per country.

The Executive Council shall review and make proposals to the General Assembly concerning applications for membership, but final admission to membership shall be approved by the General Assembly.

NCSC Membership Application
For National Sports Chiropractic Council (NCSC) wishing to apply for registration as a recognized NCSC with FICS.

Fill out the form and template and email to FICS Administration at:

Individual Membership Application
Applications for associate membership shall be submitted to the Chair of the Membership Commission and will be approved by the Executive Management team.

WFC Affiliated Organisations

Chiropractic Teaching Institutions

Corporate Organisations

Student Sports Councils

Individual Members

Fill out the appropriate form and email to:

Membership – Article 3 of FICS Statutes

Categories of Members
FICS shall be composed of ordinary, associate and honorary members as follows and with these voting rights:

Ordinary Members

Ordinary members are made up of National Sports Chiropractic Councils or associations (NCSCs).

Each NCSC shall appoint one vote-carrying delegate to attend the General Assembly. This delegate shall have voting rights according to the following classification:

• NCSCs with 1 to 50 individual members 5 votes
• NCSCs with 51 and 100 individual members 8 votes
• NCSCs with 101 or more individual members 10 votes

Associate Members

An Associate Member is any association, organisation, institution or individual that supports the goals of FICS. These may include, but are not limited to:

a. Voting members:
• National associations of chiropractors that are members of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) 2 votes
• Chiropractic teaching institutions 2 votes
• Student chiropractic sports councils 1 vote

b. Non-voting members:
• Other associations, organizations and institutions
• Individual members

Educational Institutions

Student Sports Councils

Honorary Members

An Honorary Members is any individual who has worked in the interest of public health, particularly in the area of sports chiropractic, may be approved as an honorary member by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Executive Council. Honorary members may participate in the activities of FICS, are exempt from having to pay annual membership dues and shall have no vote.

Membership Renewal Process:

Each NCSC is requested to confirm via a spreadsheet their member’s number and details in January of each year. FICS will provide an invoice for the membership numbers and send to the NSCS for payment. Punctual payment of the annual dues is required to ensure that all the voting rights at the general assembly are assigned correctly.

A true-up of numbers will be completed at the end of March in which each NCSC will be requested to confirm current membership numbers to account for any changes and an adjustment invoice submitted.

Please email member numbers, along with name and contact details to:

All other membership groups will be sent an invoice at the beginning of the calendar year for payment of annual dues.