The Membership Commission is dedicated to improving all aspects of the FICS membership experience and is committed to building upon the traditional strengths of what FICS membership offers the sport focused chiropractor.

The commission was re-established in 2014 under Chair Dr Martin Isaksson, who transitioned the role to Dr Nat Akmens in 2017. From an initial group of 3 members the commission now counts 8 sports chiropractors working on all matters relevant to the FICS membership to ensure national-to-international sports chiropractic is as strong as it can possibly be.

The commission is responsible for the management of current membership and the growth of memberships (Individual and National Chiropractic Sports Council) through:

  • the promotion of FICS, and
  • driving value of FICS via activities that hold member benefit

The Membership Commission handles all new applications to membership and is positioned to help promote and assist any new member in joining FICS directly or through our partnering NCSC’s dotted around the world.

Another key objective of the commission is in the ongoing support for the 26 existing NCSC’s, and in the establishment of new NCSC’s in countries without a dedicated chiropractic sports council.

Any chiropractor who is interested in FICS membership including those wanting to start a new NCSC in a country where one is not currently positioned is encouraged to reach out to FICS administration to begin this process.

Chair: Nathan Akmens, Australia

Vice Chair: Nicolaas Tjaart Van Der Merwe, South Africa

Commission Members:
Gillian Johnston, South Africa
Shea Stark, USA
Ed Feinberg, USA
Mateusz Nowacki, Poland
Martin Isaksson, Sweden
Aleisha Serrano, Puerto Rico

Honorary Commission Member: Emily Skelding, South Africa