Sports Physiology Course (ICSC08)

Through research, we improve the management of strength conditioning and physiology treatment. It is essential that all chiropractors and doctors treating athletes keep up-to-date with the latest assessment within this field. 

This course will cover basic principles of exercise physiology, team physiology (working as part of an integrated healthcare team), modalities in sport, photobiomodulation in healthcare (LASER), and strength & conditioning for the sports chiropractor. The course will provide a basic overview of these topics as well as provide learners with principles they can incorporate into their sports chiropractic practice.


Basic principles of exercise physiology


Team physiology


Modalities in sport


Photobiomodulation in healthcare (LASER)


Strength & conditioning for the sports chiropractor

Course Outcome

1. Explain basic exercise physiology principles.

2. Apply basic exercise physiology principles when treating athletes.

3. Understand how to work as part of a healthcare team.

4. Apply basic knowledge of therapeutic modalities to the treatment of athletes.

5. Explain the principles of photobiomodulation and apply these principles to the use of LASER with athletes.

6. Understand and apply the basic principles of strength and conditioning for sports chiropractors.

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