Dr Lotte Langhoff

Dr. Lotte Langhoff


Kiropraktorerne Ringsted/ Næstved Public Hospital/ Aleris-Hamlet Private Hospital

I graduated from the University of Southern Denmark in 2005 and after a one-year internship, I was employed at a large chiropractic clinic in Copenhagen. For the past 7 years, I have been a partner in “Kiropraktorerne Ringsted”- a clinic that currently employs 7 chiropractors and shares facilities with the region’s largest private hospital and a large medical clinic that includes a radiology department.

My involvement with FICS began while I was still at university and I managed to obtain the ICCSD shortly before my graduation. Literally the very first thing I did as a licensed chiropractor was to work with FICS at the World Games in Duisburg in Germany! I’ve since been Chef de Mission at two World Sports Games (Lignano and Riga) and done three more World Games (Kaoshiung, Cali, Wroclaw), and Asian Games in Ashgabat plus a number of local, regional and national championships within a variety of sports.

When working with the athletes at both large and small events I’ve always been captivated by their energy and the immense joy and love of their sport. Moreover, to be able to help the athletes reach their goals is rewarding beyond belief.

Alongside working as a “normal” chiropractor, I’ve also been trained extensively in diagnostic ultrasound which has led to a permanent position at a regional hospital in their radiology department and a position as a consultant at the private hospital and medical clinic with whom we share facilities. I find ultrasound is a highly valuable tool in assessing athletes with both chronic and acute injuries and I use it on a daily basis.