Dr. Jonathan Williams

My ultimate goal in education at Northwestern is two-fold. First, it is to guide the students to develop a moral and ethical practice that coincides with their responsibility to maintain and protect the virtues and order of society and to uphold the tenets of their Chiropractic Oath. Second, is to aid the students to develop an organized clinical thought process that will enable them to come to a viable assessment and diagnosis of the patient’s condition, to develop an appropriate treatment plan, to make an adequate living, and to protect themselves from adverse liability.

My philosophy of patient care is to identify problems before they become a clinical diagnosis. Once they are problems, it is necessary to assess a person’s nutritional and metabolic systems and the biomechanical changes that have taken place. I must correct deficiencies with nutritional biochemistry and address the physical changes or injuries with sound chiropractic treatments, appropriate rehabilitative exercises, and performance enhancement programs.

I believe that in order for treatment to be successful it is important that a patient feels he or she is a part of the healing process and that the changes in diet, exercise, or supplementation are reasonable and fit into a person’s lifestyle.