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Kaohsiung medical university sport medicine deportment

Date of Report25/05/2022
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Select name of your NCSCTaiwan Chiropractic Sports Council
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Due to Chiropractic is not well know in Taiwan and so many chiropractic video on internet which is unprofessional is really hurting our profession and is easy to confuse athletes. sometimes we have to put more effort to explain the difference between sport chiropractic and others. please try to educate every chiroprctors not to put any "adjustment" video.

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Part II: Areas where FICS and your NCSC could collaborate

Name person submitting reportHung-chuun huang (Jackie)
Quarterly period2nd Quarter: April-June
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Date of annual meeting16/05/2022
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we helped some track and field, swimming, badminton,weightlifting, archery, judo, tennis, tae-won-do, gymnastics athletes to compete Taiwan National High School Games. We are planing to set up Sport chiropractic station for Taiwan National University Rugby competition and Taipei open badminton in this Summer.

Name of your NCSC President:hung-chun Huang (Jackie)
No. of members3
Your position in your NCSCpresident