CountrySouth Africa
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Date of Report07/10/2021
Name person submitting reportDr Jason Fyfer
Quarterly period3rd Quarter: July-Sept
Name of your NCSC President:Dr Jason Fyfer
Your position in your NCSCPresident
No. of members88
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Part I: Your NCSC Activities

Date of annual meeting11/11/2021
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Select name of your NCSCChirosport SA
1. ACTIVITY: Summary of activity within your NCSC over the last quarter. If there has not been much activity in the last quarter, you may consider including any projects you are working on, issues your NCSC is facing, discussions or growth with which you may like support.

We are preparing for the Cape ABSA Epic, which is the biggest event for us on an annual basis, which is due to be held in mid Oct.
Dr Simon Lawson co presented with an Ortho, physio on mechanical back pain and highlighted the role that chiros should be a member of the team if not near the front of the team based on our training and education.
We are currently preparing for our AGM and putting together plans for next years events if they can happen and we open up.
We should be in discussion with FICS in setting up the hands on module for next year to replace the one which should have been run in April this year
We are due to run another Fieldside First Aid course, we have designed a first aid course specifically for sports docs to assist field side. This is more intense (3 days) than the conventional first aid course required by council and FICS.

CHALLENGES: List any challenges which your NCSC are facing, or your Executives are working to solve. (List N/A if none at this stage)

Mass emigration of our members over the past year as a result of sociopolitical events in SA.
No events as a result of our governments mandate and lockdown rules

OPPORTUNITIES: List any opportunities which you may like FICS to help support or promote. (If applicable)

Continuing education ,

I have discussed with Dr Jon Wilhelm the development of a masterclass event to occur after a Upper and lower extremity seminar for docs who have already completed this module. For example in SA we don't get many technique workshops and a masterclass would be ideal to upskill experienced docs as well as continue a stream of education / revenue for FICS .

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Part II: Areas where FICS and your NCSC could collaborate

FOLLOW-UP: Please select any followup you are interested in. FICS will get the respective Commission Chair or your Regional Rep to contact you. (If applicable)Regional Rep