CHALLENGES: List any challenges which your NCSC are facing, or your Executives are working to solve. (List N/A if none at this stage)


Select name of your NCSCBelgium Chiropractic Sports Council
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Part I: Your NCSC Activities

Name of your NCSC President:Roland CLAES
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Name person submitting reportRoland CLAES
Quarterly period1st Quarter: Jan-March
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Date of Report25/01/2022
1. ACTIVITY: Summary of activity within your NCSC over the last quarter. If there has not been much activity in the last quarter, you may consider including any projects you are working on, issues your NCSC is facing, discussions or growth with which you may like support.

Physical strength & conditioning prep for the ADCC EURO NO-GI Brazilian jiu-jitsu championships for 2 athletes (male & female). A lot is on the line since a victory will qualify the fighters for the WORLDS in Las Vegas (Sept. 2022).

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Part II: Areas where FICS and your NCSC could collaborate

OPPORTUNITIES: List any opportunities which you may like FICS to help support or promote. (If applicable)

New EURO Sports clinic in Kortenberg, Belgium. It will open in April 2022 under the name ESP ELITE SPORT PERFORMANCE.