Scholarship Programs

At FICS we believe in investing in the future and developing the next generation of Sports Chiropractor. As an organisation we achieve this through our Student Scholarship and World Olympic Scholarship programs.

The Student Scholarship program are scholarships for students of good character and academic standard who participate in sporting activities themselves and have given outstanding service in developing or promoting the field of sports chiropractic and its services to athletes.

The Olympic Scholarship program provides educational support for Olympians worldwide who are academically qualified and interested in pursuing a career in Chiropractic. In partnership with selected Chiropractic Institutions, FICS provides full academic scholarships to successful Olympians.

World Olympic Scholarship

Greetings Olympians and Olympic Families!

In the spirit of the Olympic Movement and in partnership with ten of our Chiropractic Institutions, we at FICS are honored to support education for Olympians worldwide by providing the “World Olympian Scholarship Program” to Olympians who are academically qualified and interested in pursuing a career in Chiropractic.

Olympians selected for this program will serve as an Ambassador for the Olympic Movement and for Chiropractic as an advocate for how the profession fundamentally enhanced the Olympian’s athletic pursuit.

Currently, there are 10 schools participating in this program, 9 in the US and 1 in Canada and to date 6 schools have signed an MOU with FICS and the Olympian. All offer a full academic scholarship with the exception of the school in Canada, whereby they offer a 1/2 scholarship. We are grateful to all the participating institutions. We will continue to approach additional chiropractic institutions to join the 10 now providing scholarships.

To date, a number of Olympians have graduated and now are seeing patients including athletes and Olympians. Those graduating are from Jamaica, Australia, Canada and the US. We have additional potential candidates wishing to enter the program from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Meet Catalina Escobar Gomez! She is an Olympian Gymnast from Columbia and in her sixth trimester at Texas Chiropractic College. Hear from her about her amazing journey from the Olympics to becoming a world class doctor of chiropractic through FICS World Olympian Scholarship Program.

Meet Melissa Tancredi, a 3-time Olympian and 2-time bronze medalist during her 15-year soccer career, shares her journey about becoming a doctor of chiropractic medicine and explains what it takes to continue to strive on and off the field while juggling academics to become a health practitioner.

We look forward to helping you through this application process.Fill Out the Olympic Scholarship Application

Dr Jay Greenstein
Chair, World Olympians Scholarship Program

Student Scholarship

The FICS Student Scholarships are awarded annually to recognize and support students that are contributing to sports chiropractic on a student level, are actively involved in sport and have a passion for the future of sports chiropractic.

The four scholarships include a certificate, $1000 USD and an honorary position on a FICS commission for 12 months. The monetary prizes are put forward by generous FICS sponsors.

Students from any chiropractic school around the world are invited to make a submission, with the requirements being:

1. Enrolled full time at an accredited/recognized chiropractic school, graduating in or after the year of the award.

2. Submission of:

(a) 500-750-word essay concerning the importance of sports chiropractic services to athletes in training and competition, and to the future growth of the chiropractic profession.

(b) A description of personal participation in fitness and sports activities (100-200 words).

(c) A description of contributions to sports chiropractic at the college and/or otherwise – e.g. participation in the student sports chiropractic council activities; volunteer services at the college at sporting events and otherwise; published news articles or research; any other activities promoting sports chiropractic (100-200 words).

(d) Letter from faculty member teaching sports chiropractic and/or related subjects confirming good character and academic standard and recommending award.

Applications open in September each year, and close October 31. Winners are announced in early December.

Fill out the Student Scholarship Application

Meet our award winners for 2019